Herman Klimenko predicts impoverishment of the Russians from Cryptoruble

March 7, 2018 12:00 AM
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Herman Klimenko predicts impoverishment of the Russians from Cryptoruble

Cryptocurrency —will be electronic money. There are already paper and metallic money. Do you remember how in fantastic books people running with chips which have billions of galactic money? It is an ordinary story, but there is one flaw: «it will have only the cost”— The official expressed his opinion about cryptoruble during a press breakfast concerning preparation of the World summit of cryptocurrency and a blockchain of WBC Summit 2018. 
Klimenko think that transaction costs also belong to inevitable expenses. "It’s usual paid, but disadvantageous for the population story" — the presidential adviser has told. It is about the banal fee that should be paid by users during the operations of making deposits and withdrawing of cryptocurrency, as well as at her transfer from a purse to a purse. 
"I had a talk with the Central Bank, and it doesn’t see sacral sense in this invention. The word "crypto" sounds good, but in fact it’s the same money, only in the form of digital entries " Klimenko has noted. 
And still the adviser to the President has found one big plus of cryptoruble as compared from the traditional approach: according to the official, in respect of monitoring capacity of traffic of means the cryptoruble is better than earlier.