14:01 22.01.2022
ikrom Ergashev (Neironix)

How Bitcoin Impacts the eCommerce Industry

Bitcoin has affected different economic sectors globally. This digital currency facilitates online transactions without intermediaries like banks. The Bitcoin network processes transactions from the user’s digital wallet. Bitcoin enthusiasts or miners verify transactions before the blockchain records them publicly. And this payment method has relatively lower fees compared to traditional currencies.

Today, people purchase Bitcoin via platforms like  BitQT  and transfer them to their crypto wallets. Once a person has bitcoins in a digital wallet, they can spend them paying for services or goods. Ideally, a person can transfer bitcoins to another user’s digital wallet almost instantly.

However, most governments and central banks do not regulate Bitcoin, meaning users can’t insure their wallets. Additionally, the public log stores only the wallet ID, not the user’s real name. And this anonymity endears Bitcoin as a payment method for different activities.

Despite its lack of or minimal regulation, Bitcoin is a dynamic and exciting technology changing how people conduct eCommerce. So far, this virtual currency has altered how some people do business online. That’s because some people see it as an innovative and viable solution. Here are ways this virtual currency has changed eCommerce.

Instant Satisfaction

Most people in the current fast-paced world want businesses and companies to serve them immediately. And this makes Bitcoin a perfect fit for this kind of world. When paying with Bitcoin, you don’t wait for hours or days. Instead, you complete the transaction almost instantly.

Bitcoin provides the peace of mind that many people want because it confirms that a service or product has gone through instantly and is not waiting for the customer’s approval. And the Bitcoin network is working on this to ensure transactions are instant.

Since a merchant doesn’t have to wait for days for payment clearance, they can instantly ship out the ordered products.

Simplifying Overseas Businesses

When living in a developed country, locating a payment processing service or a bank is not a severe problem. However, people in some developing countries have difficulties accessing financial services and institutions. Luckily, Bitcoin can solve this problem.

Today, nobody fears doing business with a financial institution in a specific country or even accepting the traditional local currency. As a peer-to-peer payment, Bitcoin reaches the intended destination efficiently and safely. And this increases business between developed and developed countries. It also enables marketers from across the world to participate in eCommerce.

What’s more, eCommerce owners don’t have to incur hefty foreign fees or money conversion charges. Bitcoin maintains its value across the world at any time. And this makes doing business online with companies or businesses overseas more cost-effective and more straightforward.

Avoiding Fees

Bitcoin eliminates the inconvenience fees and expenses between merchants across the world. However, this virtual currency enables merchants to avoid the hefty fees that most merchants have become used to over the years.

For instance, the issuing banks charge merchants interchange fees. Also, the acquiring bank charges discount fees. What’s more, traditional payment methods come with the chargeback risk, which happens after a customer disputes the transaction.

Bitcoin is a direct payment method between one party and the other. Thus, you avoid such fees and the chargeback risk since Bitcoin transactions are irreversible.

The Final Thoughts

Bitcoin represents an innovation in the financial systems. While it has many perks, some merchants do not accept it when doing business online. That’s because they don’t see it as a feasible payment method for their eCommerce stores. Bitcoin’s volatility is a primary reason why some eCommerce stores don’t take it as their payment method. To avoid losing value when Bitcoin value fluctuates, an online merchant must unload their tokens regularly. And this makes Bitcoin impractical for them at the moment. Nevertheless, Bitcoin will eventually stabilize as its adoption increases.

The article does not contain investment recommendations, or recommendations to use the service described in this article. All the opinions expressed express exclusively the personal opinions of the author and the respondents. Any activity related to investing and trading in the markets carries risks. Make your own decisions responsibly and independently. Neironix is not responsible for the safety of your investment and does not make any recommendations

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