How experience turns into a philosophy!

May 7, 2018 12:00 AM
How experience turns into a philosophy!

With a good invention you just have to succeed. Many start-ups succumb to this mistaken belief. But not only young and small businesses fail with innovative products, even large corporations are not immune from flops.No matter how much they pump into marketing and PR, some of the auspicious ideas just are not accepted by the market.There are many reasons why a product fails!Why was it that the products flopped? At the bad quality? Not necessarily, the reasons are many. Competitors were faster in the market, acting wiser in sales, investing in smarter marketing. Or they made no promises, which seemed completely covered.Another reason why some products prevail in the consumer and others are not, is trivial: The price!! The “stinginess is cool” mentality sends greetings. The purchase decision is also influenced by neighbors and friends: What the early adopters recommend, must be just good. Mouth to mouth is still the best and most effective form of marketing.Incidentally, virtual reality was a topic that was barely passed by in the nineties, but then flopped colossally: sometimes once failed visions celebrate their successful comeback.Often it was small ideas, such as a mouse pointer on a screen or even the paper clip, that triggered an unsuspected success and are simply unimaginable.

Our idea is like this first paper clip:

In recent years, we have been able to follow the unique development and potential of the crypto universe and gain a lot of experience from working with it.There were many bad, very bad and catastrophic experiences, which did not make us weaker, but better and stronger!Nobody gives you anything, not even in this world! The art of succeeding is deciding who to trust and whom to distrust!

The philosophy Synexcoin 2.0:

The sum of all experience has proved to us that a basic trust is given: the crypto-currency bitcoin!The market is full of tokens & coins. But what will be the future of all these cryptocurrencies? It stands to reason that very few will outlive time. In the near future these, especially bitcoin, will become prohibitive!

Our idea became our philosophy:


We offer to everyone who believes in the same as us the unique opportunity to participate passively in the future of bitcoin!Peoples been saving for decades to get 2–5% a year on their savings, but unfortunately we live in times when Fiat will lose more through inflation than we’ll ever get for our hard-earned money!The basic problem is worldwide! We will equalize this injustice with synexcoin 2.0 by bypassing this market robbery!We earn the monthly interest for Synexcoin 2.0 of 5% on bitcoin day by day until it reaches its value of $ 1 million!

We can not say yet when this will be, but it will happen in the foreseeable future and then we will end our success story!Everyone who shares our conviction should now think twice about why they are not yet with Synexcoin2.0!How convinced are you by the bitcoin?Just jump into the mental time machine for a moment, I’m sure we all have the same experience!