00:12 19.12.2020
ikrom Ergashev (Neironix)

Initialization of the new strategy Neironix 2.0

The team of the analytical information portal Neironix announces the beginning of the implementation of the new Decentralized Media strategy! We believe that our idea will be very relevant and in demand in the near future, and there are a number of serious reasons for this.

Blockchain as a tool to make the world a better place!

The 2020 crisis has proven that the spread of false and misleading information in the media can have a critical impact on politics, the economy and social stability. Alternative views on the Coronavirus epidemic, which are promoted by some publications, lead to the spread of new conspiracy theories, protests against government initiatives and only exacerbate an already critical situation. Therefore, many experts agree that it is the blockchain that will help bring order to the information industry.

This opinion was confirmed by well-known analysts from the Danish Saxo Bank. Decentralized registers would help track sources of information, evidence and confirm its veracity. Thus, everyone can be convinced of the honesty and objectivity of the media sources they prefer.

Therefore, our decision to migrate the Neironix information portal to a decentralized system is ahead of its time! And it is doubly pleasant to know that the largest analytical companies are coming to the same opinion regarding blockchain technology and its potential in striving to make the world more honest and transparent!

A step towards blockchain startups

As we do our best to secure our status as the best information portal in the world of decentralization and cryptocurrencies, one of our tasks is to increase the reputation among developers. We decided to provide a unique opportunity for every blockchain startup to publish press releases on the Neironix platform absolutely free! You will be able to share with the huge blockchain community news about updates, changes, as well as new announcements every month.

In addition, due to the imminent launch of the updated platform, we invite authors, analysts, journalists, experts and influencers to cooperate, and you will be able to obtain the status of a Neironix Contributor. This will give you the opportunity to be a full-fledged media partner, publish content on the platform and earn money and reputation with us.

Our priority is the development and popularization of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. We believe that blockchain is the future, and it is blockchain that will be able to solve many serious problems and challenges facing the public! Join us on the DAO Neironix 2.0 Telegram chat and on other social platforms to make this world a better place!

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