LeadRex- lead generation one-stop shop platform powered AI

August 4, 2018 12:00 AM
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LeadRex- lead generation one-stop shop platform powered AI

On August 4, 2018, the main stage of the ICO of innovative project LeadRex will begin. The team is developing a mass Leadgeneration platform based on Blockchain and AI technologies. After launching the platform, the user will have access to many components and modules that will help to conduct a lucrative advertising campaign. It is planned that almost all components and modules of the platform will work on the basis of AI technologies.

The main task of Artificial Intelligence is the analysis of the conducted advertising campaign for the optimization of advertising materials in real time. It is also important to select the target audience, which is more interested in the product or service being promoted, based on many metrics. It is important to note that training AI is a long and labor-intensive process, which, in the opinion of the team, can take up to 1 year.

Which components will be included in the platform

All necessary components will be included in the core of the platform. They will help to conduct a profitable advertising campaign and reduce operating costs:

  • Constructor of landing pages based on Ai technology with a set of ready-made templates from professional UX-designers and marketers.
  • Contextual advertising management module based on AI technologies
  • Control module of targeted advertising based on AI technologies
  • Banners constructor based on AI technologies with a set of finished graphics
  • Chat bots constructor
  • The analytics module is the link for all modules of the system. Each user of the platform will be able to generate statistics about the launched advertising campaign or the operation of a separate module. All information is available in real time. The user will be offered options for optimization based on the results of the generated 
  • CRM-system collects the database of clients and their history of actions in real time. The end-to-end analytical database of buyers for all service users is formed from the collected data. This will allow more effective selling of related services or goods. 
  • Marketplace will be able to offer premium solutions from third-party developers and LeadRex teams for the designer of landing pages, banners and chat bots.
  • Integration modules will connect any site to the platform to analyze the user's behavior and formulate personalized proposals based on his interests.
  • API provides two-way integration of the LeadRex platform with other services
  • Artificial intelligence analyzes a variety of advertising channels and an end-to-end analytical database of buyers, assembled and structured by CRM-system categories, in real time mode. Also AI forms a retargeting base for generating additional sales by offering discounts through displaying banners, ads or personalized offers. Finally, it optimizes the created advertising campaign to increase the conversion based on the received data.

The ultimate goal of the platform development is maximum automation at each stage of the service and regular development of the platform.

For whom is the LeadRex platform created?

The capabilities of the LeadRex platform are designed for an audience of varying degrees of involvementIt can be a small business owner with a specific product or a professional marketing agency that promotes the new brand through contextual advertising, the head of the advertising department of a large corporation or a private internet marketer.

A small business owner may not have enough budget to attract a marketing agency. He needs to get the maximum result with minimal operating costs. In addition, he is not a qualified expert in Internet marketing. As a rule, this group of potential users of the LeadRex platform also does not have a selling site and a description of its target audience. The small business owner will be able to significantly reduce the cost of launching and conducting an advertising campaign thanks to the many components and modules of the platform, and thanks to flexible tariff plans, there will be no need to overpay for the unused capabilities of the platform.

A staff member of the advertising department will be able to attract new customers without attracting third-party marketing agencies and additional specialists. The cost of product promotion will be significantly lower, thanks to the component of selecting the target audience based on artificial intelligence, the designer selling adaptive landings and the centralized management of advertising campaigns.

The marketing agency will be able to increase the number of its customers with similar work and without sacrificing the quality of the services provided, by using innovative technologies based on artificial intelligence and automating the process of selecting the target audienceThe marketing agency will be able to offer its customers additional services, transparent reporting and the ability to track the advertising campaign in real time, thanks to the many components and modules of the LeadRex platform. This will significantly increase the level of trust between the client and the marketing agency.

Internet marketer is usually a freelancer who promotes several advertising campaigns simultaneously. It is very important for him to have a high degree of automation and centralized management of all advertising campaigns. This will significantly reduce the time costs and will allow you to simultaneously conduct more number of advertising campaigns without loss of quality of work.

At what stage the project is now?

LeadRex team successfully conducted closed sales and Pre-ICO. At the moment active work is underway on the MVP platform - CRM-system and the designer of landing pages, work on creation of Ai has begun. In addition, a partnership agreement with the Bancor.Network company about our joining their network of liquidity after the completion of the ICO has already been signed.