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15:11 11.04.2018

The New Offering Proves Valuable in Crypto Industry: easy and accessible way of dealing with crypto to everyone

Today everybody has heard about cryptocurrencies, as it becomes a global phenomenon known to most. Well, that's what everybody talks about: in the papers, on TV, even people who are far from the IT-market talk about its costs during lunch. Clearly, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. However, knowing and being able to use crypto are not the same - a person needs to deal with a number of technical issues.

The New Offering Proves Valuable in Crypto Industry: easy and accessible way of dealing with crypto to everyone

On the internet there are countless lists with endless points on how to use, protect, etc. They all come down to the fact that cryptocurrencies are not easy to use and it takes a lot of experience and cunning to secure your digital assets in a constant battle with malware, hackers, and bulky software. You quickly come to realize that if you can’t do it you shouldn’t even think about owning cryptocurrencies. It is difficult to imagine someone more experienced with cryptocurrencies than traders. But even they regularly make the headlines when losing money on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Can cryptocurrencies become easy to use? 

Let us present Mira, a software solution that is set to make buying, holding and sending cryptocurrencies easy and accessible to everyone.

The new fintech platform is aiming to solve current problems with cryptocurrency faced by both experienced users and complete noobs, as the Mira team strongly believes that interacting with cryptocurrencies should be easy for any user. Mira provides a software suite complete with its own blockchain that provides password protection, an exchange to facilitate currency turnover, and MiraBox - the core element of the ecosystem - for storing cryptocurrencies. It can be downloaded, sent, or kept on a computer or a usb drive as a regular file. Different types of containers allow you to buy a preset amount of a cryptocurrency with the press of one button, create boxes that hold multiple kinds of cryptocurrency and ones that have integrated smart contracts for setting opening conditions, like a certain date or predetermined currency rate.

So, what exactly does Mira bring to the table? 

Hype or the real deal, that's the question.

The technological solution behind MiraBox represents the best of both worlds: the blockchain with its decentralisation and open incorruptible records to keep track of the container’s unpacking status with moving storage, and being able to send Mirabox files off the blockchain, which provides complete security and anonymity for the holder. In this sense, off-chain solutions in relation to blockchain-powered transactions are comparable to the difference between online payments and cash, which costs nothing to pass from person to person and gives the bearer complete control over how they want to protect it. This should potentially make cryptocurrencies more accessible to people with no prior experience and with no level of technical expertise.

The Mira ICO, aiming to collect funds for platform development, launches on 20 April. Given that the company is currently offering a 30% bonus, and with pricing of 1 MIRA at 0.7$ during the pre-order campaign, it has already attracted the attention of cryptocurrency communities. More detailed information on this project can be found at miralab.io, along with access to their introductory video, and White Paper.

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