Neironix gets 1000 registrations

August 15, 2018 12:00 AM
Neironix gets 1000 registrations

The registered ICOs have a special marking confirming the project’s registration on Neironix. The projects which are not registered but still appear on the Neironix rating list are marked as aggregated, i.e the information about them was automatically taken from open sources.

Besides, we now have 55 cryptocurrency exchanges in the section “Exchanges”. On each exchange’s page you can see the daily trade volumes and their distribution between all the pairs traded on the exchange. Among other things you can see aggregated media publications involving that exchange, new listings and the full list of coins supported by the exchange.

Neironix is currently working in its beta version, the full-fledged platform will be developed and released after the fundraising stage. A certain period of time will be necessary to deliver the full version. The main radical distinction of the full version will be the availability of the full set of analytical tools that will be able to provide the most detailed information about every project.

We remind you that our ICO will be subdivided into three parts with different bonuses for each stage: 35% for September, 15% for October, 5% for November.