20:11 25.11.2020
ikrom Ergashev (Neironix)

Neironix: How Decentralization Will Change the Information Space

As we wrote earlier, the Neironix team is preparing for a major platform update. We saw the main problems of modern media and worked for a long time to solve them. This is how we got the idea of creating a decentralized media Neironix 2.0, which we plan to launch in the second quarter of 2021. In this article, we will detail the new mass media model, as well as the main features and benefits of the update, which our users will be able to see early next year.

We would like the information on our platform to be objective, relevant, and unbiased. Unfortunately, the standard model has many flaws that prevent it from being 100% objective all the time. So it was decided to transfer to a decentralized model of Neironix functioning.

What will change?

Rejection of the centralized format implies the involvement of the entire community in the project management processes. Like the blockchain ecosystem and the DAO, we want to provide our audience with the tools and opportunities not only to participate in the reading and publication of content and news, but also to make money with Neironix 2.0!

The new model, according to which community = partners, offers 3 statuses for each member:

  1. User — the ability to read and react to content, and interact with all the tools available on the platform;
  2. Partner — has all the rights of the User, but can also earn money by interacting with advertising content on the platform;
  3. Contributor — having all the rights of the User and the Partner, Contributors can publish content on the platform, incl. AD.

In order to ensure the autonomous operation of the platform, we decided to issue a new NAT token on the TRON blockchain protocol. Owning a certain amount of NAT tokens is required to obtain the Partner and Contributor status.

Economic model

Since the right to publish content will now belong to our audience, selling ADS can be a good income for people with the Contributor status. However, we understand the possible risks of this, and based on the reaction and feedback from the audience, decisions will be made on the quality of publications of each Contributor. This is necessary to protect the level of content quality on the Neironix 2.0.

In addition, users with Partner status will be able to earn money through Attention Mining. This is the process of interaction of NAT token holders with advertising materials; the result of which is a fair distribution of the advertising budget allocated by the client among all participants within one advertising slot.

We believe that such a solution will not only ensure the audience's interest in advertising content, but also the interest of all users in the growth and development of the Neironix 2.0 project. After all, the cost of advertising will depend on this and, accordingly, the personal income of each member of the community! This is how a real decentralized society should work: understanding personal responsibility and importance for each other and for the project!

If you liked our idea, be sure to join the new DAO Neironix 2.0 telegram chat. There, together with the community, we discuss all important topics about our future project, and answer questions! In the chat you can find out about the timing of the ICO, details about the new token, and also get acquainted with the status of the project development.

In the near future, you will find a series of articles on the key features of the upcoming Neironix 2.0 update, where we will tell you how to prepare for the launch of the platform so that you can enjoy all the available benefits as soon as possible. Stay with us!

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