13:11 16.11.2020
ikrom Ergashev (Neironix)

Neironix Launches World's First Decentralized Crypto Media

In the age of information technology, information is becoming the most valuable and demanded resource. Realizing the importance of information, people collect and store all data about the past under protection, calling it "History". One who knows the past can look to the future. After all, history moves in a spiral. The more valuable is information about what is happening at the moment, or about what will happen in the future.

The advantage in the rapid receipt of information earlier than others allowed the Rothschilds to play a win-win game on the stock exchange. This is how the legendary, well-known aphorism: "Who owns the information, he owns the world", voiced by Nathan Rothschild in 1815 after Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, which allowed the banker's family to earn a fortune, arose.

In the modern world, and especially in the financial sector, the speed and reliability of information is the cornerstone of decision making. And the media are the main intermediary between the source of information and its consumers. But, as history shows, most media cannot remain objective for a long time, for a variety of reasons. Among them are “sponsorship” from interested parties, external influence on the editorial office, including government, as well as the human factor.

Time for change

Our team has worked long and hard on this problem. Soon we will launch a completely decentralized media, which will eliminate the role of intermediaries in the information space, becoming only a platform for publishing and consuming content!

Our main idea is information independence and impartiality. To do this, we have created a completely new model of content distribution for the audience. Holders of our new NAT token will be able to get the Contributor status, which will automatically provide an opportunity to publish information on the platform. And according to the reaction of our users, we will evaluate the quality and objectivity of the published content. This will allow our media to maintain a very high level of trust among the audience.

We believe that the audience has the right to influence the development of the project, and therefore we make our community full-fledged partners of the new Neironix 2.0 platform. Now, members of the Neironix community will earn along with the platform, by assessing the quality of the content, and also influence the quality of the platform and its commercial success, on which the income of each of you will depend!

In the near future, we have a lot of plans that will allow us to launch the new platform as soon as possible and rally the interested community around it. If you want to know the following:

  • How to make money reading content on the new platform?
  • How can you become a Neironix 2.0 partner or contributor?
  • What are the features and benefits of the new NAT token?
  • When does ICO start?
  • Are there ways to get a new NAT token for free?

Join our new telegram chat DAO Neironix 2.0, where we discuss all important topics about our future project, and answer questions! Also in the near future, you will find a series of articles about the features of the upcoming Neironix 2.0 update, where we will tell you about how to prepare for the launch of the platform. Stay with us!

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It's really important what Neironix has been able to achieve. Investors should be aware of Neironix's efforts to connect media related to cryptocurrencies. This is why I have been paying attention. I have invested in https://www.mintme.com/ and I'm interested in how Neironix could impact it.
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