19:01 29.01.2021
ikrom Ergashev (Neironix)

Neironix news: updated White Paper, token swap, listing dates and bounty announcement

Since the beginning of the new 2021, we have not wasted time, but have been actively working on the launch of Neironix 2.0. We entered into several partnerships, released a new NAT token based on the TRON blockchain, chose the crowdfunding format, and also answered all the important questions that you have asked us over the past months. And all of these available in an updated White Paper right now.

Today, especially for our community, we have prepared a tour of the most important topics and events that are planned for the coming months:

Launching a new token NAT

First of all, we are pleased to announce that we have finished building the economy of the new NAT token. We also changed our views on the volume of token emission. The new NAT token will be issued in a total of 60,000,000 coins, of which 41,000,000 will be mined using the proof-of-stake algorithm for 4 years. As for the halving, we are sure that halving is not the main driver of the coin's growth. The real driver of growth is the utilization of the token: only the economics of the project can affect the token price.

The pre-emission will be 19,000,000 NAT, and the distribution of the token will be as follows:

  • 6,000,000 tokens - SWAP NRX ERC 20 on NAT TRC 20;
  • 4,000,000 tokens - pool of the Neironix development team;
  • 9,000,000 tokens - sale on the KICKICO platform.

Coins that are not sold as part of the KICKICO campaign, as well as old NRX coins not declared for swap, will be burned

As for PoS token mining, its volume will increase annually. First of all, this is done for early coin holders who purchase it during the round at KICKICO. It will also reduce the number and volume of speculative operations with the token in the first days and months after the listing of the coin.

Now the NAT token will have additional economic properties:

  1. Staking - earnings from mining a coin.
  2. Liquidity - earnings from placing liquidity (receiving income from commissions on the Just Swap exchange).
  3. Attention mining - earnings for interacting with content on the Neironix portal. (how it works - read in our WP).
  4. Expectations - earnings on the growth of the exchange rate of the NAT token.

The plan of P-o-S emission and reward percentage:

  • First year: + 10% per month. Mined - 4 293 220 NAT
  • Second year: + 15% per month. Mined - 7 281 051 NAT
  • Third year: + 20% per month. Mined - 11 534 243 NAT
  • Fourth year: + 25%. Mined - 17 891 486 NAT

New tokens are mined only if the holder's wallet has at least 50,000 NAT tokens. As soon as the balance becomes less than 50,000, the mining of tokens by this holder stops.

The smart contract code is available here

Terms of the fundraising campaign

We are pleased to announce the official date of the crowdfunding campaign, which will take place from 02/26/2021 to 03/28/2021. The sale of NAT tokens will be organized on the updated KickICO platform in an auction format (AIO), the details of which can be found in the White Paper. Important documents and presentations are available on the campaign promo page at the link.

Bounty announcement

For everyone who wants to get NAT tokens for free, we are launching Airdrop! The campaign will run from February 12 to March 28, 2021, in the format of the Referral program, where for each user invited to the telegram group https://t.me/neironix_official_chat, participants will receive 1 NAT. 50,000 tokens are allocated for the campaign. Each participant will be able to receive from 1 to 300 NAT tokens, and each invitee is guaranteed to receive a reward of 1 NAT token. We count on the substantial help of our community and set ourselves a goal: by the start of the campaign on February 26, 2021, to attract at least 30,000 people to the  telegram community!

Swap NRX = NAT

We also have news regarding the exchange of the old NRX ERC-20 token for the new NAT TRC-20. The exchange of NRX ERC-20 tokens for NAT TRC-20 tokens will be carried out 1: 1 in a limited period of time, within 30 calendar days, starting from the 5th day from the opening of trading on the KICKEX exchange. To create a swap request, you will need to have at least 300 NAT tokens on your wallet. By the way, this is the number of coins you can get for active participation in the bounty program!

Terms of listing on exchanges

Everyone who has followed us these several years knows that the project did not list its token. Now that we have gained tremendous experience, statistics, and knowledge in the field of designing a cryptocurrency economy, we declare that we are fully prepared for listing! On March 29, the release on the KICKEX exchange is planned, and on April 5, the NAT token will be presented on JustSwap. The token will be listed on the Biki exchange in May.

Share this news with your friends, spread it on social networks and blogs! So you will help the project, and the success of Neironix is the success of each of you, Partners of the decentralized media!

Stay tuned for updates on the neironix.io website and in the DAO Neironix 2.0 telegram community.

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