Neironix Team Is Joined By New Advisor

August 15, 2018 12:00 AM
Neironix Team Is Joined By New Advisor

Roman Karimov is an entrepreneur and business leader with 10 years of experience in IT and Internet Technologies. Roman is renowned for his advisory to numerous ICOs, which got a good helping hand through his participation. He is also famous for his investment in several ICOs and making over 1000 successful trades on various cryptocurrency exchanges. As an ICO advisor Roman helped Terawatt, Fluzcoin, LeadRex, Bixtrim, Bityond, Gastery, eWaiter with his roles ranging from ICO advisor to head of ICO advisory board. Roman always analyses all ICOs he gets offers from and never takes part in the ones he does not believe in.

Roman got interested in the blockchain technology in 2016 and seeing a big potential in it he became a staunch supporter and proponent of blockchain. He is a member of Bitcoin Foundation, IDACB and RACIB. He can be regularly seen at conferences and events on blockchain where he usually shares his opinions on ICOs, cryptocurrency investment and his vision on the future of the industry.

We still have work to do in the run-up to our ICO and we count on doing it professionally and fully. We expect that Roman’s strategic thinking will give us a good productivity boost and will increase our pace and efficiency of work. We also count on his infinite passion and enthusiasm to drive us to achievement of our goals and beyond. In a few words, we are very happy to have such an experienced member on our team and looking forward to the new developments that will take place soon in Neironix.