10:05 28.05.2019

Innovative technologies on the Russian oil market: OilWell project is changing the way we trade

Become a part of the Russian oil industry with OilWell. This is a safe and accessible way to take part in one of the most profitable businesses in the world.

Closed economy, legal limitations, and monopolized control make it difficult for the foreigners to enter Russian oil production market, although it has the enormous potential to grow. Today, we make it real for everyone.

OilWell is a unique project, which allows both foreigners and Russian citizens to partake in the oil production process and make a profit from it.

No matter how much money you have. With OillWell innovative financial mechanisms, everyone will be able to start their path in the oil business.

According to Russian laws, taking part in the oil market is strictly limited for international companies and foreign citizens. OilWell is aimed to minimize the risks for them and allow everyone to get profit within the framework of current legislation.

Our financial professionals of the new generation, experienced engineers and geoscientist will implement the latest technologies in the obsolete Russian oil production process and improve it to get the highest quality product.

OilWell uses protected blockchain technology that will help smaller market players to participate in the development of profitable oil business. 

The project collects funds for its development offering people and companies to buy discount certificates for the oil purchase. The money received from their sale will be used to buy equipment, repair wells, extract raw materials, as well as transport and sell oil.

The project involves Russian oil-producing company Demiurge LLC and the technology development company Hadius Pro Marketing Pte. Ltd based in Singapore.

OilWell is:

  • A legal and safe way for foreigners to join the Russian oil business

  • Oil production system renewal

  • The prospect of entering the international market

  • The opportunity for everyone to become a project participant in the most profitable area of the world economy

  • Monopoly resist

Recent data shows that oil prices will remain high in the near future. It went up to $82 in September 2018. According to forecasts, it may increase in 2019 due to the reduction of oil production in Venezuela and the growth in global demand.

In Russia, the oil market has been growing in recent years. In the 2012-2016, the volume of production increased by 6%. In 2019, another 50 new projects in this area are expected to be launched. Russia is strengthening its position in the Asia-Pacific region, where oil supplies from Russia grew by 9.5% over the year. In addition, Russia's revenues from oil exports in 2017 increased by 30% compared to 2016.

This is the best time to start a new project which will bring innovation to the market. We launched OilWell on March 21st. The first step is closed fundraising, which will last until May 24.

We stand for market liberalization, accessibility, and development. Our new vision will change the industry. Join us!

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