On the internet was found a fake version of electronic Hryvnia eUAH

April 19, 2018 12:00 AM
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On the internet was found a fake version of electronic Hryvnia eUAH

As reports the LIGA.net portal, on March 16 in network the eUAH project website has been registered. In accordance with the description submitted on a site, the authorities of Ukraine stand behind the project: The state agency on the issue of e-government, National Bank and Department of Justice .

On the website, creators of fake e-Hryvnia report that for the production of 50 million eUAH they intend to involve Ethereum Blockchain.

"In 2018 is planned to release for free circulation to 10 percent of tokens’ stock.It’s the beginning of Electronic Hryvnia life", - they argue.

A road map and white paper are available on the same web site, are executed in style of messages of National Bank of Ukraine which contain direct reference to the original project. However the authorities shown on the web site said that they are not and have never been part of the project.

Adviser to the Head of the State agency on e-government Konstantin Yarmolenko has said that creators of eUAH are fraudsters, who intend to defraud potential investors, to collect money and just disappear.

The National Bank of Ukraine specified that they are indeed engaged in research and development of national monetary unit of Blockchain, however at the moment it’s still under development.


"It’s not submitted to broad public and is carried out on the terms of volunteering", - reported in the department.

Also on the website was given an address of the smart contract to whom according to data of the website Etherscan.io, was tagged token " eUAH – Electronic Hryvnia (eUAH)". The organizers of the scheme offer to trade Tokens on exchanges. ForkDelta, EtherDelta and Stock.exchange, advise to be careful of fraudsters and to check the address of the "real" smart contract.


The Head of the project of digital Hryvnia of National Bank Maria Ivanova has reported that all the information about fraudsters was forwarded to the Security Department .