One more draft law on the regulation of the cryptocurrency market was presented in Russia

May 14, 2018 12:00 AM
One more draft law on the regulation of the cryptocurrency market was presented in Russia

Information about the consideration of the bill appeared in the Telegram-channel Cryptoline owned by Elina Sidorenko, head of the interagency group that assesses the risks of cryptocurrency circulation.

She said that the draft law should introduce a common structure in the sphere of digital law.

Earlier draft laws on ICO and tokens were submitted to the public court, however, in both cases, the proposed acts have met in your address criticism from professional crypto community, including RAKIB - one of the most reputable domestic organizations specializing in the cryptocurrency market and technology of the blockchain.

The new document could prove to be much more constructive. At least, this is what Elina Sidorenko believes, paying attention to the legal issues of cryptocurrency turnover considered in the document.

It’s about , for example, the circulation of digital rights, which include digital rights to money and digital rights to participate.

The digital rights process is expected to involve all natural persons, regardless of their nationality.

The text of the document stipulates the need to use the appropriate level of electronic signature in operations related to the implementation of digital rights.

The Issuer that implements digital rights must indicate to potential customers the type of rights and detailed details of their implementation, the period of relevance of the proposal and counter-provision, which the buyer must give the Issuer (indicating all terms and procedures).

It should be noted that the norms of cooperation of Issuers of financial rights with their purchasers are regulated by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.