04:12 06.12.2018

TeacherCoin: Connecting Teachers to CryptoCurrency

Established in April 2018, Teacher Coin is Blockchain technology tailored to meet the needs of teachers and administrators worldwide with an initial focus on providing solutions in three main areas. 

First of all, the existing range of retirement plans for educators in the current market are arguably steeply-priced with hidden expenses and high maintenance charges. Next, immediate and convenient online access to high quality, cutting-edge educational resources for teachers is non-existent or extremely high-priced. Last, repatriation of funds for teachers working overseas is often an overly-bureaucratic and costly process in terms of both time and money. To address these and further issues, Teacher Coin seeks to provide transparent retirement packages for educators, a global platform for buying and selling the latest premium educational resources, instant global funds transfers, and the potential to purchase a variety of goods and services from merchants through usage of a cryptocurrency custom-made for teachers, TCH.

How it Works?

The Teacher Coin team is comprised of highly professional and qualified administrators, educators, and business leaders with over 25 years of experience working in the education industry. Teacher Coin takes advantage of the digital and verifiable nature of the Blockchain to solve the complications and overcome barriers of entry to the retirement market by completely eliminating the fine print. The TCH Smart Contract displays, in simple terms, the contract, investment amount, years and payment structure. We have entirely removed the complex and highly confusing industry terminology used by financial institutions to deceive investors.

The combination of decentralized encryption, anonymity, immutability, and global scale of Teacher Coin generates the ultimate platform for industry wide innovation, cutting-edge educational support, and secure straightforward retirement packages for all educators. The Blockchain based contracts connect investors and TCH economic advisors immediately and securely.

The Benefits

Teacher Coin is built with smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain and adds another layer by providing solutions to unique challenges faced by educators. Teacher Coin builds on the strengths of a well-established global system to offer bespoke applications and access to financial services. As such, Teacher Coin offers users not only the ground-breaking Ethereum based cryptocurrency called TCH, but also a powerful modular toolset to build applications that can track retirement portfolios, buy and sell educational resources, or transfer funds domestically or internationally in an instant as explained below:

Retirement Plans

Teacher Coin seeks to modernize the retirement industry, make it fully verifiable, and built on a system of trust between teachers and our retirement advisors. The Blockchain technology holds an immutable ledger and contacts that can easily accommodate the recording and storing of all Teacher Coin retirement contracts. Teacher Coin is the first organization dedicated to leveraging Smart Contracts built on the Blockchain to create a retirement system specially tailored to teachers across the globe.

High Quality Resources

Teacher Coin intends to be the ‘go to’ platform for teachers around the world in search of the very latest premium educational resources. The Teacher Coin website will become a hub though which educators may seek to buy and sell quality teaching resources including but not limited to: lesson plans, assessments, schemes of work, PPT’s, videos. All educational resources on the platform will be vetted by our team of experts, who have over 25 years of teaching experience at elite schools. We have high standards of excellence; hence, we will only offer high quality, exceptional teaching materials. All transactions on the Teacher Coin platform will be completed using the TCH token.

Worldwide Funds Transfer

Teachers can also send funds worldwide using the Teacher Coin cryptocurrency, TCH. By utilizing the versatility of the TCH cryptocurrency, the utility token can be purchased with a view to sending fiat to individuals or financial institutions worldwide instantly and at a low transaction rate. In addition, users can be rest assured in the knowledge that all funds transfers are both secure and verifiable through Teacher Coin’s use of Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology.

The Future

It is anticipated that educators will have an opportunity to purchase Mixed Reality Lessons via the Teacher Coin platform beginning in Quarter 1, 2019.

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