8:25 19.01.2019

A Fee Defined by Individuals Themselves with Seamless Performance and Instantaneous Transactions of Modern Banking:  XCOYNZ is Building the Need of the Current hour

London based XCOYNZ Limited, is all set to remove the barriers faced by most of us today by introducing their super-fast Platform with an Exchange, Smart Wallet and Payment Gateway powered by their native software, X-Swift. Offering users the privilege of setting their own fee, the exchange offers fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat and crypto to crypto transactions.

Problems in the current ecosystem:

With the rising complexities in the ecosystem like managing multiple wallets all having different addresses for every crypto asset there’s no easy way for the everyday person to get started in this area. Users are paying high fees for deposits, withdrawals and repeated trading, and it’s getting tougher day by day with the traditional crypto exchanges who all seem to follow cryptic processes set by an otherwise promising industry. So, it’s clear that there needs to be some pioneering changes to the way this is done, enter XCOYNZ!

The XCOYNZ Ecosystem and solution:

The most important question to ask is how does XCOYNZ stand out, above the numerous exchanges who operate in the traditional crypto exchange space? There are four unique aspects of XCOYNZ that answers this question, each of which addresses current real-world problems with why mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies is facing substantial barriers of entry.

The project has created bespoke solutions and is presented here as setting your own fee for transactions, the Smart Algorithm Wallet (SAW), the Payment Gateway and the XCOYNZ Smart Card.

A user of the XCOYNZ Platform is given a pre-set quota of transactional volume and the ability to offset transaction fees to whatever they like by way of using the XCZ token — even to zero if they so desire! Simple means of purchasing the XCOYNZ tokens via the platform to offset transactions costs is a winning deal considering the difference in token price and the realizable value against fees. A number of further features of the Platform are also available through use of the XCZ token which ensures that the long-term appeal of the token is at the of heart of the XCOYNZ business model.

As everyone knows, there are many crypto assets, just as there are many fiat or ‘real’ currencies. In fact, the total number of cryptocurrencies in circulation dwarfs the number of fiat currencies. These numbers, market trends and volatility certainly add to the reluctance of non-experienced people to enter this market. How to decide which assets are not doing so well, which you’d be better off selling and which you’d be better off holding on to can very quickly become confusing. XCOYNZ Smart Algorithm Wallet is a component available on the Platform which contains sophisticated algorithms that guides the user to make decisions such as which assets to offload immediately and which ones they’re better off holding on to for long term value. The SAW, it’s an intelligent ‘buddy’ that is part of a user’s profile to help maximize profits and minimize costs, taking on the concept of HODL-ing with a bit more intelligence than just blind faith and hope alone.

The XCOYNZ Payment Gateway is geared to help the XCOYNZ brand step up and stand alongside the likes of PayPal in the fiat world! The Gateway enables payment options in crypto for online business to sign up to, clearly opening the true meaning of the word ‘gateway’ and connecting the millions who want to make crypto payments for their regular online shopping and those who seek more customers through more payment options, the millions of online businesses. Any retailer can sign up and incorporate a simple API to their website. This of course doesn’t limit the gateway just to the online world, XCOYNZ has the vision to bring those waiting on the side-lines, wondering what real use they can make of their crypto asset other than simple investment holdings.

Finally, XCOYNZ is developing a smart card allowing holders to pay for goods and services just like any other fiat-based credit/debit card operates today. In 2017 there were 14 billion debit cards managing movement of a large segment of global fiat money which further highlights how XCOYNZ as a business has visualized all areas of change in people’s current financial habits.

The USP’s of this project along with a most dedicated team and a fast-growing, trust-based following from the cryptocurrency world is unquestionably making XCOYNZ stand out from the crowd, entitling them a right to call themselves pioneers in this fast-paced environment.

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