10:01 11.01.2020
Nikolay Volganov (Neironix)

BiKI – The Popular Token’s Choice

Today we will talk about one of the most popular exchanges in the world — the BiKi.com platform. We are going to find out its main features, nuances, and plans for the near future.

General information on BiKi

BiKi.com is a global exchange, which is among the TOP-20 platforms in the world providing more than 150 different cryptocurrencies and 280 trading pairs.

BiKi.com is headquartered in Singapore, it provides services in many countries of the world: Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the European Union, etc.

BiKi.com website and technical support are available in English and Chinese (Mandarin).

Some history and numbers

The exchange was founded in August 2018 and at the time of this writing BiKi.com has more than 2 million registered members, of which 130,000 users on the platform daily. It works with more than 2000 community partners, and received investment  from Huobi Du Jun, Genesis Capital, FBG Capital, ChainUP and others.

As mentioned above, BiKi has a lot of partners, of which many very popular traders with a large number of followers.

Community Driven Exchange

Biki offers a full solution besides the listing of the project’s token that will include continuous exposure and branding for projects. As BiKi’s users are active traders who are demanding to know what the updates are for listed projects, BiKi provides ongoing exposure in the form of news publications on top crypto news media as well as spreading of project information to their 200,000 strong Wechat groups.

   Additionally, BiKi hand picks community partners to serve as project’s local community ambassador to grow community and moderator. Active traders in the BiKi community for a particular token already bear key interest in the project’s updates. They already have the desire and demand to join a community to learn more about the project and connect with like-minded people. BiKi even organizes an AMA with their communities prior to listing, to create influence in the market, introduce the project, and for potential traders to ask the projects any queries to deem if the project is worthy to trade for themselves. 

BIKI Token

The platform creators focus on the security, stability, and effectiveness of the trading platform. Important to note is that 100% profit received from commission fees goes to burning the BiKi tokens. To date, the developers have destroyed 365 million coins, which is 36.5% of the total issue. The developers plan to continue burning tokens until their number is reduced to 100 million coins. BiKi decided to spend 100% of its profit on increasing the value of its currency while other exchanges allocate only part of their income at best.

BiKi customer information support

Since BiKi users are active traders who want to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry, exchange specialists publish the latest news on many top crypto news sites. Platform clients receive up-to-date information on the status of projects of interest.

What is BiKi Power?

There is a special section “Power” on the BiKi exchange where you can learn more about the sales of popular tokens. Important to note is that this service is very popular among users. It helps not only buyers, but also project creators, because through “BiKi Power” they receive additional advertising, and as a result, liquidity.

Listing Criteria and User Rights Protection

A listed project’s Supervisory Committee was recently established on the BiKi exchange with a purpose to monitor the status of projects, which includes: public opinion, project progress, project community progress, etc. As soon as a certain coin gets problems, the committee begins an investigation. As a result, only those projects that don`t contradict the rules for protecting the interests of users remain on the list of the exchange.

To find out the value of listing on BiKi.com, contact the exchange by e-mail or via Telegram.

New Features

  • Further development of spot trading business (adding new assets, achieving greater liquidity, introducing other mechanisms, etc.).
  • Wealth Management: PoS — development of the BiKi Mining Pool, with 20% annualized returns.
  • BiKi Research Institute — research new technologies and applications in the industry.

Upcoming plans

  • BiKi Fund and Incubator — support for innovative projects in the industry.
  • The introduction of margin, contract, and lending features, as well as the launch of a financial public chain.


The BiKi.com platform is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Developers focus on functionality, usability, and security. Besides providing cryptocurrency trading services, the company is also developing its own mining pool.

This project is definitely worth attention, to learn more, go to the exchange official website.

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