00:03 25.03.2020
ikrom Ergashev (Neironix)

Neironix with Angelico Ventures launches investment ecosystem for startups 

One of the first and most important problems that almost any startup will face sooner or later is financing in the early stages of development. This issue is especially relevant against the backdrop of recent incidents when financial markets are falling, large companies are losing money and investors are looking for the safest option to save their capital. How to find and attract additional financing in such difficult conditions to develop your ambitious and promising idea?

There is great news for everyone who asked such a question: Neironix, a rating analytical agency, together with Angelico Ventures, is working on creating an investment infrastructure that will help startups raise funds to realize their plans and ideas!

An appropriate section has been created on the Neironix financial information portal, on the pages of which the startup owner can send his project for consideration in just three clicks. Thanks to Angelico Ventures' close partnership with investment funds, information on projects suitable for the selection criteria will be considered directly by organizations interested in profitable investments.

Collaborating Neironix and Angelico Ventures are going to share regular reports on the results of their work so that the new system remains transparent and understandable for everyone who wants to join it. Representatives of investment funds and investors will have access to the project funnel, thanks to which they will be able to save time for projects that most meet their criteria. In turn, startups will be able to entrust the search for investments to professionals and negotiate only with interested investors.

Angelico Ventures engages in market analytics and helps investors make the right decisions. But, first of all, the company promotes developments in the medical industry that deal with the problems of aging, cancer and heart disease. Neironix is ​​an independent rating agency that conducts financial analysis and review of projects with subsequent analysis of financial risks using mathematical models, artificial intelligence and neural networks.

The main idea of ​​the new project is to restore confidence in startups and ensure technological progress in all areas of human activity. We are confident that the cooperation of two experienced companies will help solve the main problems of startups - the search for sources of financing in the early stages and also help investors make the right decisions and invest in proven projects.

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