15:01 19.01.2019

Revolutionalising the Global Economy Through Energy Circulation, Rebglo is all Set to Change the Crypto Mining and Energy Conservation Ecosystem

The biggest problem that plagues crypto-mining today is the loss of efficiency during the mining process. The battery performance “hack”, HETTARER, first conceived in Japan, makes use of conductive paper that collects charged particles from electric currents occurring naturally from the air as well as the device.

It eliminates unnecessary electromagnetic noise which reduces efficiency, and in doing so, extends the charge and life of any battery or conductive product by 20-40 per cent.


Recent research forecasts an unsustainable future for crypto-currency mining due to sharply rising energy usage research conducted by PowerCompare, a UK-based energy comparison tariff service, Bitcoin mining used more energy on average than that used by 159 individual countries, equating 0.13 per cent of global energy consumption. Mining efficiency is largely affected by 2 major factors:

  1. A key internal factor is the data transmission loss during the processing phrase of the mining process. Hash rates are lost due to inefficient data reading and reconstruction.
  2. A major external factor affecting the mining process is the large consumption of electricity. Both heat and static loss contributes to the depletion of electricity efficiency, inadvertently affecting mining profitability.

To increase productivity in mining today will mean increased investment in technology and ever rising energy use.

Introduction to Project REBGLO

Data Transmission System (DTS) Technology seeks to solve the mining efficiency issue by resolving scalability issues and reducing power consumption in crypto-currency mining. The technology has been provided for use and dissemination exclusively to the REBGLO project. REBGLO has devised a special electromagnetic sticker that aligns elementary particles into a constitution state. The aligned particles then form a protective layer repelling electromagnetic noise, a key factor impacting battery longevity. The underlying electromagnetic technology has now been developed for exclusive use with the REBGLO L2 system which has already been available for mobile phones and other battery-operated gadgets. The technology increased efficiency by 17.2 per cent improvement in hashrates.

By simply sticking the HETTARER sticker on the back of your phone, the HETTARER sticker can also be used on car batteries as well as other household appliances. Tests have shown that the HETTARER sticker enhances both data mining speeds as well as results. In a 24-hour period, the sticker showed a 133 per cent increase in Monero data mining, as well as a 114 per cent increase in Monero mining rewards in a 48-hour period by multicurrency mining pool Miner Gate.

HETTARER not only improves battery performance, but also lowers the high frequency of electric devices by 90%. So it will greatly increase Crypto-mining efficiency while sticking on Crypto-mining rigs. The flagship product of REBGLO is the REBGLO Mining Boost System. The technology is applicable for all crypto-mining algorithm types and is simple to install.

  • Improving Computing Performance
  • Enhanced Mining Speed and Revenue 

Mining efficiency has been benchmarked to improve by 17.2 per cent with the introduction of Data Transmission Technology. The HETTARER technology improves battery life by 300 per cent and reduces charging times by 50 per cent.

Verification Test Results

By tuning normal GPUs with the REBGLO Mining Boost Engine, the comparison of rewards per block in pool mining:

  • Normal GPU environment: 0.0010877 XMR
  • Tuned GPU environment: 0.0013653 XMR
  • An improvement of 25.5%

In the future, through the modification of the mining program itself, as well as the cancellation of GPU memory errors and optimized GPU tuning, it is thought that there will be room for further improvement in processing performance.


REBGLO L2 is the next phase of development for the REBGLO Mining Boost Engine, delivering a new generation of mining ware optimization. REBGLO L2 optimizes ILP (Instruction Level Parallelisms) and TLP (Thread Level Parallelisms) and reduces the cache memory miss penalty through cache memory algorithms that call on DTS (Data Transmission System), which creates computation performance effectiveness system configuration. In current tests, REBGLO L2 enhances hash rates by up to 160 per cent as compared to the original mining code, and does so without the need for any hardware change.

The integration of HETTARER technology into the L2 system is currently underway and should be ready for launch, together with the L2 system, in the coming months. The REBGLO token will be divisible by 18 decimal places to make sure no issues arise when the token value increases. To achieve this, the REBGLO technical team has further researched the unique technique of combining a mining hash boost engine with a low power consumption model to deliver energy savings for existing computation machines.

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