PAVEL DUROV’s photographer engages in ICO for the MODELING INDUSTRY

May 27, 2018 12:00 AM
PAVEL DUROV’s photographer engages in ICO for the MODELING INDUSTRY

I see strong potential in CRYSTALS project and hope to significantly contribute to its development by bringing in top models and celebrities. Being actively involved in the modeling world, I know the critical issues it faces through the longtime now, which yet unsolved. Combining CRYSTALS’ innovative technical solutions and my vision of the latter, I believe we will overcome them, fetching industry to the next level.

On the other hand, CRYSTALS Co-Founder and CEO Nikita Yakubovskyi heartily commented:

We are happy to welcome Nikolas to our family. He is a recognized photography artist and a very ingenious person, who’s able to create astonishing artworks. Moreover, we do work for the same interested audience. Nikolas’ experience and creativity will help us to advance projects into the most effective direction.

Partnership Description

Nikolas has access to top modeling agencies worldwide representing international top models and celebrities. Many of them are his devoted friends and influential clients. His connection to the CRYSTALS platform will definitely promote and popularize it among the target audience: both models and customers. The CRYSTALS platform can be useful for beginners, as well as veterans of the fashion industry since it provides unique and robust marketing and service distribution tools.

About  Nikolas Verano

The official photographer of the Playboy Russia magazine, Nikolas, has a notably extensive experience in fashion industry. He has worked with such well-known celebrities like Pavel Durov, DJ Romeo, Kim Kardashian and many other more. On top of that, he has done exemplary works with prominent magazines like “Maxim”, “VOLO”, “Erotic Magazine” and furthermore publishes in “Cosmopolitan”, “DC Magazine”, and etc. He also works with top models from "Select Deluxe Model Management" "Sky Models", "FiXATiON models", "Your Element", "Susanna Models" and other agencies.


CRYSTALS is a complete platform with a full-service cycle for customers, models, and modeling agencies. The platform offers unique software for the modeling industry with integrated blockchain and sharing economy principles. CRYSTALS’ goal is to be a trusted  intermediary between service providers and their clients. CRYSTALS does not provide any modeling services but offers and supports a secure blockchain-based platform for convenient transactions in fashion industry.