Poloniex pass into the hands of Circle. What should we expect of this an ambitious deal?

February 27, 2018 12:00 AM
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Poloniex pass into the hands of Circle. What should we expect of this an ambitious deal?

Earlier Circle appeared in media because of an attraction of investments for $110 million from the American bank Goldman Sachs Group and some of Chinese companies. 
According to the editor of the business magazine “ Fortune” Robert Hakett, the transaction costed to the Circle 400 million dollars. Has Hakett used information from sources of the company or it’s only his personal/expert opinion, it is difficult to tell, because the officially amount of transaction is for the time being confidential. 
However, in the nearest future transition of Poloniex to hands of the new owner seems won’t bring any changes to work of the crypto currency exchange. According to representatives of the organization, the line-up of the team of the project remains the same, work is continued in a standard way, and Poloniex’s assets are in safe.
In the press release of the crypto currency exchange also pay attention that the growth of the company during the last years was painful for the users, and that’s why Poloniex hope to make use of experience of Circle "in improvement of scalability and increase to reliability" 
The Circle are sure that their new product has sufficient potential in the future to become the most global object in a line of the company. Also, the management of the organization sees in their new acquisition prospects for the creation of the multifunctional trading floor that was founded on a block chain. 
«It will be the place for Tokens that designating almost all types of values from physical goods to objects of art and futures, and also we will add support of the banknotes , including US dollar, Euro and the British Pound" – how it said in the statement of Circle.