14:11 05.11.2019
Evgeniy Biktimirov (Neironix)

Why Bitcoin has Already Survived the Most Dangerous Period in 2019

Today, on the 11th anniversary of Bitcoin's white paper, we decided to see which of the months were the best or the worst for the very first cryptocurrency. For this, enough data has accumulated to make reasonable conclusions.

If you look at the average values, it becomes clear that September is statistically the worst month for bitcoin, and 2019 has once again confirmed this. It was in September 2019 that the price of bitcoin fell the lowest — by 14%.

The best month for this indicator was November, in which the average value of the bitcoin price change is + 50%. It became the first, even though in November 2018, we saw one of the most significant drops in the price of bitcoin in history. And here is the time to recall that November 2019 is just beginning.

The median value is calculated as follows: all numbers arrange in ascending order, then we need the number that is equidistant from both the beginning and the end of the number series, that is, the desired indicator is in the middle. The leader in this parameter was April with an indicator of 21%.

If you look more closely, you can see that the most significant price changes occur in late spring and late autumn, and in summer, as a rule, the least activity is manifested.

If you want to better master investments and cryptocurrency trading, then be sure to pay attention to these indicators.

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We all know that Bitcoin will never die. Those were lucky people who managed to operate with Bitcoin in November, 2018. Well, yes, now it's a dangerous period, and it's very important to be attentive to the changes.
Bitcoin can die in future. But this is very low probability. And i think that in future will be new cryptocurrency, that will be on the first place
True, some currencies already have the impudence (hmmm..or maybe courage) to compete with Bitcoin, no one can be protected from such consequences, but it's still immortal as a separate unit, I think.
It is a very good picture! Judging by it, we must wait for the growth of bitcoin in the winter or spring of 2020.
Oh, how interesting, now is just November, though I expect the market to flourish in spring, which also matches your infographics, so we are waiting for a flight to the moon in spring! :)
Historical analysis is cool! Especially if we consider four-year cycles. We can still go down, but 2020-2021 is the years of the next bull market)) Respect to the author, I like it when the infographics are done in such a high quality and clearly!
It seems like Neironix prepares the latest and most authentic news. I'm just glad..I'm even pretty excited and amazed, how clearly I inderstand the market now.
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