Russia and Belarus are Union State, now they are in a blockchain

March 4, 2018 12:00 AM
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Russia and Belarus are Union State, now they are in a blockchain

The digital markets of the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus are increased by quickly steps. And that’s why it’s no wonder that the neighbour’s states try to strengthen partnership in the crypto currency world. Creation of the positive financial and legal framework is one of main objectives for the Russian-Belarusian partnership today.
On February 28 the agreement on interstate partnership a blockchain associations of two countries is signed. Now Belarus is one of the most attractive partners in the field of crypto currency cooperation. In cases of the Decree on the digital economy which has appeared at the end of last year. The document fixes magnificent conditions for advance of IT-technologies, creating competitive advantages to the countries in advance of digital technologies. In the capital of Belarus works the Park of High Technologies – the economic platform for advance of any blockchain’s projects and to develop IT business.
The document of international cooperation the blockchain associations will be doing a huge service to create or to develop the project in the field of education. First of all, it concerns interaction of the largest educational institutions. Besides, to create a coordination council of the CIS and Europe on a blockchain and to increase the impact of the crypto currency market.