Soundeon: Your Chance to Invest in the Best Ever Rated ICO in Music

July 4, 2018 12:00 AM
Soundeon: Your Chance to Invest in the Best Ever Rated ICO in Music

Soundeon’s MVP, Talent Unleashed Contest, pending patents and raving 5-star reviews put it on track to become a massive success in short and long term.

Soundeon Token: Financial Overview

Peer Post-ICO Performance

A snapshot of recent music industry ICOs (peer group) token price in first 100 days. The dashed trendline approaches 300% return on investment (ROI) from the ICO offered price. Moreover, token price volatility is uncorrelated to traditional capital markets and hence provides even greater portfolio diversification benefits.

Peer Group Ratings

Soundeon Token is generated on-demand and caped at initial issue. The total supply shall not exceed 1 billion Soundeon Tokens, of which a maximum of 650 million are sold at the Token Sale period. The remaining tokens are allocated for operation needs as well as reward contributors and Strategic partners. Soundeon’s token sale policy is purchaser-friendly, tokens sold do not have a freeze or vesting period. In contract, majority of tokens allocated are bound by holding periods ranging from 18 to 6 months. This conservative policy is intended to both, protect the purchasers’ short-term volatility and long-term token valuation.

Soundeon Blockchain Music Platform to Revolutionize the Music Industry in Favor of Artists and Fans Blockchain music platform

Soundeon is bringing transparency and innovation to the music industry by offering artists an opportunity to take full control of their creative and financial decisions without relying on record labels, managers and other industry middlemen. Music fans can also support their favorite artists as never before by investing into their projects through the platform and becoming partial copyright holders.

Ever since a successful alpha launch in April, Soundeon has secured many new partnerships that have established it as a recognized brand in the blockchain world. Soundeon’s partnerships include Bancor, LDJ Capital, MIT’s Open Music Initiative, V-ROX music festival and with a number of other prestigious institutions.

Soundeon is the only platform currently on the market that covers all the main aspects of the music industry for the artist, from the creation and copyright of a particular work, to royalty collection, distribution, resale of existing and future music assets, and concert ticketing.

This is made possible through the implementation of the patent-pending CSC™ (Creative Smart Contract), an innovative blockchain-based technology that was specifically created by Soundeon developers to combat issues like lack of funding, copyright protection, royalty distribution and event ticketing fraud.

By unifying all the necessary tools on a single platform, Soundeon allows artists to conveniently manage their careers on their own terms and to receive maximum profits for their work. As a result of much research and feedback from the music community, Soundeon has integrated five separate layers of native applications into the platform: Music Token Sale, Soundeon Exchange, Soundeon Tix, Soundeon Monitor and Soundeon Player.

How Soundeon changes the music industry

The central vision behind Soundeon is to disrupt the traditional music business model by helping artists navigate the industry’s complex and risky terrain and by making it accessible to those who don’t necessarily have the connections or the financial means to fully pursuit their artistic endeavors. In today’s world, when the vast majority of people listen to music online, an artist no longer has to depend on record labels, managers and concert promoters, and can instead distribute music independently while simultaneously cultivating a larger fan base. Soundeon makes this all possible through a single platform.