Swap Crypto Quickly and Effortlessly with the StealthEX Mobile App 

ikrom Ergashev
August 18, 2023 12:00 AM
Swap Crypto Quickly and Effortlessly with the StealthEX Mobile App 

The finest Android app for crypto exchanges from StealthEX can be downloaded as an.apk file from the Google Play Store along with other Android apps. The software is as slick and fashionable as the non-custodial platform, and it makes it simple to access crypto swaps from any location in the world at any time. Users can quickly trade cryptocurrency or purchase a variety of digital assets using their credit or debit cards.

The best platform features, which are the reasons why hundreds of individuals use the service every day, are now accessible through the new StealthEX app. At the platform’s core lies an instant crypto exchange. StealthEX offers a wide range of alternatives for both traders and crypto fans with more than 1300 assets. Throughout the world, StealthEX has been a reliable partner to thousands of users, facilitating millions of crypto swaps.

StealthEX Mobile App Advantages

The mobile app for the crypto exchange is feature-rich, which is the cherry on top. It includes a number of features, as such:

  • A vast crypto collection – over 1,300 crypto assets at your disposal.
  • Exchange history is kept in the app for you to track your swaps.
  • Watchlist to stay informed about the prices 24/7.
  • Crypto rates in a comprehensive overview.
  • Floating or fixed rate swaps when you need more flexibility.
  • Competitive rates collected from a variety of trusted crypto providers.
  • Full transparency to let you learn how to navigate the app quickly and easily.
  • No sign-up for the app is required.

Swap Bitcoin for Any Other Crypto in a Matter of Minutes

Crypto to crypto swaps via StealthEX is a straightforward, simple, and hassle-free process – whether you’re exchanging crypto via the platform’s website or in the convenient StealthEX mobile app. Let’s assume you’d like to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) for Ethereum (ETH). To initiate the swap via StealthEX’s user-friendly mobile app, just follow the instructions below:

  1. First, insert the amount in BTC that you’d like to swap. The amount of ETH will automatically adjust according to its current rate. If everything is okay, click Start Exchange.
  2. Paste the crypto wallet address you will use to receive the funds. Double-check the address. If everything is correct, proceed to the next step.
  3. All you need to do now is send the deposit in Bitcoin to the address StealthEX has generated for you. After you send coins, your swap will be processed. The exchange statuses on the page will be renewed automatically during the time of the exchange.
  4. To complete the exchange, you will be redirected to the Finish page. This shows that the exchange has been successfully made and you will receive exchanged funds to the address provided.

That’s it. You’re brilliant! You’ve just learned how to convert crypto via the StealthEX mobile app. Feel free to initiate a new quick swap whenever you wish.

Why Is StealthEX a Popular Go-To Solution?

At StealthEX, customers’ privacy comes first, and with their exchange model called ‘a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange’ users don’t have to provide personal information in order to exchange crypto. Additionally, StealthEX does not offer you to buy cryptocurrency using a debit or credit card. StealthEX accepts the most common currencies (including USD, EUR, GBP, and others). If you’d like to buy a particular cryptocurrency, you can choose from 9 different options, including Tron, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Users must supply identifying information before completing their purchase since know your customer (KYC) laws apply to fiat transactions worth more than €700. No registration or IDs are required, though, if your exchange amount is smaller.

The platform supports cross-chain swaps, which is a very convenient option in case you need to make an exchange between rare cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it allows you to use the services of numerous significant cryptocurrency exchanges, like Binance, Okex, KuCoin, and others, without having to register. With StealthEX, you are free to exchange as much as you like because there are no upper restrictions on transactions made through their platform. You merely need to have enough money in the minimal amounts to pay the network fees.

Due to the significant volatility of cryptocurrencies, StealthEX has established fixed rate exchanges, allowing for precise crypto-to-crypto swaps by anyone. The platform's creators think that managing cryptocurrencies should be easy; similarly to the floating rate exchanges on StealthEX, anyone can access the fixed alternatives with just a few clicks.

Earn with StealthEX Affiliate Program!

StealthEX has been extensively developing and has introduced an Affiliate Program that offers businesses, content producers, YouTubers, and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts multiple ways to make money online.

Depending on their needs, StealthEX partners can choose from a variety of affiliate tools. The all-in-one API integration can be used by product owners that want to grow their platforms, earn more money from swaps, and let their users exchange crypto assets through the owner's interface. StealthEX is easy to integrate into any online application because the public API is accessible to everyone using Postman and easy to add to an already existing product.

Alternatively, a social media influencer can recommend StealthEX to your audience by using the service's referral link, earning cryptocurrency as their followers use the exchange services. All transactions and earnings are tracked in the personal cabinet, where you can easily check your progress.

Additionally, StealthEX has developed a cryptocurrency widget that will be useful to review platforms, website owners, and influencers. A full-flow cryptocurrency exchange may be incorporated into any page of your website by embedding the StealthEX widget. You earn 0.4% on each swap.

For customers who have their own website or blog and are seeking for new ways to monetize it, StealthEX's Affiliate Program will be indispensable.


As you can see, the StealthEX platform offers a wide range of features that will enable you to exchange multiple cryptocurrencies – both through their web-based platform and via the user-friendly mobile application. Thanks to the feature-rich StealthEX crypto exchange app, you can now keep an eye on your favorite crypto coins!