The blockchain messenger ADAMANT is making progress

April 6, 2018 12:00 AM
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The blockchain messenger ADAMANT is making progress

The need for an anonymous and secure messenger that can ensure the inviolability of personal space, is notably growing. The existence of such a problem captured the minds of ADAMANT project developers. ADAMANT is the only messenger that works completely in the blockchain and has certain advantages over competing solutions.
Technological features
The messenger is fully open source so its code can always be checked by anyone. There is no user identification in the messenger and only depersonalized wallet addresses are used. Due to the blockchain-based user interaction the end IP-addresses are hidden from everyone. The messenger does not request access to personal data on the mobile device. ADAMANT has also integrated a payment system that allows to transfer tokens directly within the chat.
ADAMANT is a one-of-a-kind messenger fully working via blockchain and not using it for any other purposes, unlike other messaging applications. ADAMANT is not based on the Ethereum blockchain, but on an independent blockchain implemented on the basis of the extended program code of the Lisk project to provide the planned functionality. The user messages are not kept on a user device or a server but is downloaded directly from the blockchain, since all user messages are stored in it.
Advances in development
Unlike many projects ADAMANT began its ICO with a finished product implemented as a progressive web application (PWA) that works in most browsers. The messenger’s basic functions are available to anyone for testing right now. All new users are credited with 0.49 ADM tokens so they can test the product’s capabilities for free.
The messenger is constantly evolving, and the developers have released a number of changes over the past two months:
The iOS version has been released in TestFlight. This version is probably the most convenient ADAMANT Messenger client at the moment so if you have an iPhone, use this version.PWA (and Android) version of the messenger have also received many improvements as well as many interface localizations.The implemented console interface allows you to participate in ADAMANT network forging. The user instruction for forging is planned to be released in April 2018.ADAMANT blockchain has been upgraded to process new types of transactions, including the ability to store key-value pairs that allow user to save the address book and configure the spam filters.The ADAMANT team took part in the TOKEN2049 conference in Hong Kong where the developers told about the project’s current state and contacted with Lisk project developers.
The ADM token and crowdsale terms
The ADM token is used as the internal currency and transaction fee in the ADAMANT network. ADM tokens can be sold on stock exchanges after the ICO, but the project creators encourage investors to keep tokens in wallets as long as possible. It is planned to distribute unsold tokens between owners, guaranteeing monthly growth of wallets by 5% so the earlier ADM tokens are acquired, the greater profit.
The first unsold tokens distribution for ADAMANT wallets begins on April 11, 2018 so you have a chance to get ADM tokens and profit from them later. The token’s price is 0.0004 ETH at the moment, and more than half of the tokens is already sold.
The project is actively supported by users who have already tested the messenger. The ADAMANT team notes interest from many crypto enthusiasts and organizations, and also reports positive feedbacks from security specialists.
You can get more information about the project on ADAMANT official website and test the messenger yourself. The project’s white paper contains all the detailed information. The ADAMANT team is presented in all popular social networks.