The Token Sale of Neironix Begins

September 1, 2018 12:00 AM
The Token Sale of Neironix Begins

To achieve our goals and build the full version of ICO-scoring platform that we envisaged from the start we will need funds. To raise the necessary funds we have employed the ICO fundraising model. For the token sale we have issued 140,000,000 NRX tokens, the initial value of 1 NRX being $0,5. In our token sale only cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum will be accepted as payment means. The token sale provides different bonuses on the tokens purchased for each of the three months of the ICO. The bonus for September is 35%, in October it is going to be 15% and in November 5%.

The funds raised in our ICO will be distributed in the following way:

  • Marketing – 30.00%;

  • Development of Neironix platform – 40.00%;

  • Legal services – 5.00%;

  • Hosting for servers and equipment – 5.00%;

  • Project management and team – 10.00%;

  • Contractors – 5,00%

  • Access to SaaS API – 5.00%.

In preparation for our token sale, we have been actively working with advisers from different parts of the world to get best ready for it. One week before the start of Neironix token sale, we joined the World Blockchain Roadshow organised by IDACB that will go through the countries of Europe and Middle East. The European part of the Roadshow will end on September 5 and the Middle Eastern part will start on September 28. In this touring event we are presenting Neironix, its main ideas and the product we are working on in the countries of Europe and Middle East.

Neironix already has a fully operational beta version of the platform in the form of a website and a mobile application. We have done profound research before making the first real steps in building this platform and have found that the market of ICO investment would welcome an ICO rating agency that would provide not just an ordinary scoring of an ICO project giving assessment of its vision, team, product, etc but give a trustworthy risk assessment of investing in an ICO. To do that, we decided to get away from human analysts and experts, who often give biased evaluations, and solely rely on automated computerised analysis of projects and start-ups. Our analysis will still incorporate public opinions expressed about the project in the different kinds of media. We are confident that we pursue a fresh and viable idea that will work and that our product will prove effective.

We continue our work in different parts of the world to propagate knowledge about Neironix, inform about our token sale and get more interest for our project.