16:12 11.12.2019
Svetlana Tereshenok (Neironix)

The Way Digital Economy Helps Online Gambling

Every year, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology go deeper and deeper into people's everyday life. If some five years ago, digital currencies were of geeks and speculators interest, then in our time they are actively used by state and financial institutions, as well as many other private organizations from various industries, including gambling.

The main problems of online casinos

The main problem of virtual gaming services is a matter of trust. Unfortunately, players can`t verify the fairness of the results in traditional online casinos, so there's nothing left but to rely on the operators’ integrity, though, as practice shows, not all online gambling services can boast of this. Registration and subsequent interaction with an unscrupulous casino are accompanied by a huge number of risks:

  • the player may never win;

  • casino owners can transfer user personal data to third parties;

  • even in case of winning, the casino may not pay to the player’s bank account.

Mintdice Platform and Its Features

Distributed registry technology helps increase security, reliability, and transparency. Information that has already entered the blockchain cannot be changed, deleted or fabricated in any way.

There are very few online casinos to implement this technology in their products in the gambling industry. Most projects cannot yet provide a truly working product, as they are still under development, unlike the cryptocurrency casino Mintdice. This platform is formed in such a way that all information about rates and payments is entered into the blockchain in real-time. Any Mintdice user can easily verify the validity of this data.

The platform boasts a huge number of different games that will appeal to even the most sophisticated user. Besides, players can replenish their balance with the help of popular cryptocurrencies.

Gambling issues solved by digital coins:

  • users do not need to transfer their personal data;

  • players are not limited by transaction size;

  • there are no intermediaries in the crypto casino, thus, no additional fees.

Mintdice site provides the opportunity not only gamble but also earn through investment. If you have long wanted to earn relatively stable BTC as a percentage, then pay attention to Mintdice: the fact is that the average annual income is 7.5%. To learn more, go to the official website.


As mentioned above, blockchain technology and digital coins are integrating more closely into various industries. Gambling was one of the first areas of cryptocurrency application. The Mintdice platform is an innovator in the industry, which gives it a huge advantage over competitors, as well as its dedicated community that has formed during its honest work.

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