11:11 04.11.2019
Svetlana Tereshenok (Neironix)

Top 5 Blockchain Life 2019 projects in the Neironix version

At the international forum Blockchain Life 2019, held about two weeks ago, Neironix journalists team had interviewed the most promising projects from the platform`s point of view. So, we present our top 5 projects that were present at the forum, along with the video interviews and a brief tour into their latest innovations.


Recently, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges KuCoin announced the opening of its derivatives platform KuMex, which will support bitcoin contracts with a maximum leverage of x20.

A spot index obtained from 6 exchanges, 5 of which are western (Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, Bitstamp, Bittrex) and one Japanese (Liquid) will be used to estimate the bitcoin price. An interesting feature of the platform is the fact that with a loss-making position, a trader will not lose an amount that is more than the margin for this trade. This was achieved by automatically reducing the leverage when the insurance fund ceases to cover losses. To master the platform’s functionality, it provides the test period of trading without a deposit.


ВКЕХ is another derivatives exchange on our list, which is one of the top ten exchanges in terms of trading volume on CoinMarketCap. At the moment, the exchange is focused on Asian users and is actively developing.

The exchange already has the opportunity to carry OTC trading, which is popular among large investors. Also, the project created its own incubator, where any project can apply for attracting external and internal investments.

The exchange also has its own BKK token, which allows saving on fees. Quite often, the exchange holds contests giving BKK tokens for free.


ViaBTC is one of the largest mining pools in the world. Currently, it takes 5th place in the number of bitcoins mined with an indicator of 13%. The pool has created a service for anyone who wants to invest in a mining company, and receive income proportionally to the investment.

The project, however, does not stop only at mining activities. So the ViaBTC team has already created its own cryptocurrency wallet supporting various cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, litecoin, EOS, and other.

The company launched several public explorers of various coins, which can be used to track transactions and accounts. To date, ViaBTC has developed explorers for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and CB, as well as for Dogecoin.

The company enables ordinary people to mine bitcoin and a large number of other coins. Also, there is a section for investing in cloud mining.


Kuna is an officially registered cryptocurrency exchange platform with its head office in Kiev, providing traders with a set of advanced trading tools. The exchange team is constantly working to ensure the easiest possible integration of clients' work with the Kuna service using a clear and open public API.

The exchange gives traders the opportunity to fix profits in stablecoins, which allow to level the risk of price volatility of traded crypto assets. Binding to Fiat is credible, stablecoins are more understandable for beginners, and this gives them the opportunity to try themselves on the crypto market without understanding the mechanics of complex coins like BTC, ETH, etc.

Kuna provides traders with a convenient function of “buying on the market”, with which you can buy cryptocurrency in just a couple of clicks. A professional tool for trading – the PRO interface for advanced traders will help them to develop the right trading strategy and make the right decisions at the right time.


CoinBene is one of the leading Asian exchanges with trading volumes over $1.5 billion per day. Starting in mid-2017, the exchange has been actively developing and continues to add new tools to the platform.

CoinBene currently provides a margin trading opportunity with x5 leverage. Clients can use perpetual contracts for the following assets — Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin. Also the platform provides the OTC trading option for large investors.

An interesting feature of the cryptocurrency exchange is the ability to earn cryptocurrency while playing online games inside Coinbene. At the moment, two games are presented on the site.

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Conference is cool, and an interesting selection of projects, KuMex was also interested in their margin platform from the top exchange Kukoin, which adds reliability and quality to the future KuMex`s platform.
Cool.Useful info.Started working with bkex recently.So far satisfied.
BKEX is a scam. I dont believe that for 1 year something usually exchange could increase it the trading volume to 1 billion for day. I see two normal projects of these - KuMex and ViaBTC.
Wowow, I haven't come across any of them but who cares!! I wish I could take part in such an event, that must have been a nice one!!
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