Understanding What Natmin Is

October 25, 2018 12:00 AM
Understanding What Natmin Is

What is Natmin?

In essence, Natmin Pure Escrow is a decentralized system that functions on the revolutionary blockchain technology and aims at providing Escrow services. The system completely utilizes the blockchain technology in order to facilitate transactions that are otherwise charged very highly on regular Escrow services. Natmin has its own USPs. It is a very safe and secure platform that offers Escrow based transactions at very low prices as it negates the need for middlemen. Natmin also refutes any possibility of fraud by taking the security front to a whole new level.

What Makes Natmin Unique?

Natmin Pure Escrow is essentially a revolution in the Escrow industry that facilitates safe and secure transactions via the blockchain network. The basic idea is to provide business owners with a safe platform to conduct business and make transactions at a very minimal fee. The network is safe for both the sellers as well as the buyers; Natmin guarantees safe transactions to both parties. Natmin works as a regulating system which works independent of variables and connects to sellers as well as buyers. The above-mentioned system helps businesses get rid of middlemen, brokers, and intermediaries.

 In addition to this, other transaction related fees are also gotten rid of. The last few years have seen an increase in online transactions without a doubt. The sheer numbers are enough to indicate to the fact that electronic money is the next step to the future. That being said, a secure platform is needed in such a scenario. Up until now, the question basically revolved around the fact that such a secure network was not available. Natmin is the answer to all these questions, that is, a platform for safe and secure transactions that prevents online fraud and promotes businesses to take the online route.

How Does Natmin Really Work?

  • Creating a transaction
    The first step in the functioning of Natmin Pure Escrow is creating the transaction. The transaction needs to be initiated in the blockchain system. The transaction can be started by the seller or the buyer.
  • Agreeing to the terms
    Both the parties, the seller as well as the buyer, are presented with the terms of the transaction in question. Both the mentioned parties need to agree on the presented terms in order to proceed further.
  • Buyers fund the account
    Once the terms presented have been agreed upon by both the parties, the buyer then funds the Natmin escrow account designated to the transaction
  • Sellers send items
    Once the payment of funds from the buyer’s side has been confirmed, the seller will then be notified about the transfer and will be asked to send the required items.
  • Buyers receive items
    Once the items have been sent by the seller, the buyer needs to send a confirmation about the receipt of the items. The buyer also has the option of submitting a dispute in case the items do not match the demand or in case they haven’t been sent in the first place.
  • The seller funds are released
    After the transaction is settled, the funds from the buyer’s side are released. The seller receives the funds and the transaction is then considered settled.

Natmin is the next big thing in the world of blockchain based platforms for businesses all around the world to conduct their day to day operations and handle transactions. And it has just begun its journey with much in stock for the future.