WeiCrowd: The Token Economy Game Changer

April 29, 2018 12:00 AM
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WeiCrowd: The Token Economy Game Changer

Since the introduction oft Blockchain and gradual shif oft crowdftunding proiects to this technology, the world has witnessed countless incidents oft proiect ftailures and scams. In today’s scenario, it doesn’t come as a surprise, where good proiects ftail and Token buyers lose their contributed ftunds. WeiCrowd has created a possibility to regulate and secure the Token market. It will be achieved through its seven modules, WeiLauncher, WeiFolio, WeiCubator, WeiX, WeiScrow, WeiCap and WeiScore. These modules are strategically developed on DAICO, Smart Contract and 0x Protocol, making it the saftest Token Marketplace. Owing to these technological pillars, WeiCrowd is setng benchmarks and paving its way towards one oft the most successftul ICOs.

Tapash Sinha, Co-Founder WeiCrowd, described, “WeiCrowd is a revolutionary platorm based on Blockchain technology, developed to regulate the Crypto Community, ftacilitate the success oft proiects and safteguard ftunding oft the contributors. The key modules and fteatures oft this platorm, make it the go-to platorm ftor ICO standardization and end-to-end lifte cycle management. The ftact that WeiCrowd is powered by its own exchange and incubator makes it the leading Token marketplace.”

“With the modules like WeiCap, WeiCrowd protects good proiects ftrom ftailure through community consensus by ftunding 10% defcit on their SofCap. WeiScrow ofers the control oft smart contract and Crypto community over the raised ftunds ftor every proiect on WeiCrowd. WeiScore enables the contributors to choose the best oft breed tokens ftor contributing. Considering the modules and their above par perftormance, WeiCrowd will remold the Token Economy.”, he fturther added.

WeiCrowd was introduced to the world at the Singapore Blockchain Summit on 27 thFebruary, 2018 and currently is in its private sales and whitelisting phase. This sale is carried out through WeiCrowd Token Cards, backed by QR Codes and Smart Contracts to provide instant, secure and safte wallet to wallet transactions.