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Bitcoin SV
The first cryptocurrency has many forks, while the bitcoin sv is a fork of the bitcoin fork. This project appeared relatively recently, on November 15, 2018. This coin was formed as a result of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network division.
Fonte circulante:
18 068 415 BSV
Oferta total:
21 000 000 BSV
Suprimento máximo:
21 000 000 BSV
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1 BSV =
0.00235841 BTC
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Bitcoin SV data

Bitcoin SV (BSV) today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . BSV price is -0.0163195% down in the last 24 hours. Lowest cost BSV is recorded on the crypto exchange XBTPro. Leader in trading volume BSV is the exchange OKEX. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is
Sobre Bitcoin SV (BSV)

The word "bitcoin" in the name of the cryptocurrency means that it is a fork of the main digital money system. The new Bitcoin, labeled as BSV, appeared in mid-November 2018. The progenitor of Bitcoin sv was Bitcoin cash, which in turn is a Bitcoin fork. The purpose of the new cryptocurrency was to return to the principles laid down by Satoshi Nakomoto. Hence the letters SV in the name of the cryptocurrency, as abbreviated from the words "Satoshi Vision". Therefore, the Bitcoin sv cryptocurrency is not distinguished by technical innovations or a special mining system. Rather, we can say that the coin is designed for miners who are engaged in calculations for Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash (BCH) networks. The total number of coins is also limited to 21 million, as well as the algorithm of "proof of work" SHA-256. However, the size of the block of transactions has been increased to 128 megabytes (BCH has a block size of 32 mb). This cryptocurrency was the result of the splitting of the Bitcoin cash network into an sv bsv network under the control of Craig Wright and an ABC network under the control of Roger Ver. Bitcoin sv bsv quickly gained popularity and as of November 2019 is in the TOP-10 cryptocurrencies in the ninth place. In less than a year of its history, the new digital currency has experienced ups and downs. At the peak of the value (ATH) one coin was worth $253. As of November 2019, the value of the cryptocurrency was about $120. High volatility of sv bsv scares off investors but attracts traders to make speculative deals. The digital currency sv bsv is available for purchase at many cryptocurrency exchanges. Its prospects as an investment are questionable. However, for miners and traders, the new version of Bitcoin is perfect. It has high profitability for miners and high volatility that traders are interested in. 


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When will this shitcoin disappear from the top 100? It is a SCAM
Yes, an extremely incomprehensible coin, but it sometimes shows very good movements that exceed the usual daily growth of many other coins. Therefore, I would not advise investing in the long-term, but you can think of a short-term speculation.
I agree with you. But bitcoin cache is no better. They are saved only by the fact that during the separation, bitcoin had a very high capitalization. Thanks to this, these two useless coins are still afloat, although no one uses them
Are you waiting for a new pump? Today is exactly one year since this coin separated from Bitcoin Cash. Not understand how It is still in the Top 10, no other than a miracle
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