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The Chainlink network, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, was formed in 2017. Using this platform, you can exchange data between a decentralized network and traditional software.
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350 000 000 LINK
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1 000 000 000 LINK
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1 000 000 000 LINK
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ChainLink (LINK) today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . LINK price is -1.31633% down in the last 24 hours. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is
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The Chainlink network, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, was formed in 2017. Using this platform, you can exchange data between a decentralized network and traditional software. The problem of the interaction of blockchain technology with traditional software At the beginning of the cryptocurrency industry development, smart contracts ensured the regulation of relations between users exclusively within a decentralized network. The situation has changed over time: now blockchain companies are ready to cooperate with other organizations that work according to the traditional principle. Perhaps the main problem of this is the technical compatibility of distributed registry technology with traditional data transfer methods. Nowadays, the vast majority of current smart contracts need access to data from third-party companies for correct operation. For example, to launch a fully automated lending service using a smart contract, the algorithm will need data on credit rates, percent, customer credit history, etc. Also, blockchain technology will require GPS data in the field of logistics. There are many similar examples. Chainlink Network - Data Bridge Blockchain technologies of the Chainlink platform solve the problem of the correct interaction of the crypto infrastructure and traditional software. The developers have created a unique software called "oracles", which ensures the correct contact between the above parties. In other words, oracles are responsible for implementing smart contracts between traditional data sources and the blockchain infrastructure. These communication channels are completely decentralized, as they are regulated exclusively by a smart contract, and the network operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Chainlink Components - Off-chain. This subnet consists of oracle nodes, which, in fact, provide data collection and operability of the entire system. - On-chain. This subnet is responsible for selecting oracles that correspond to a particular smart contract. Opportunities and prospects of the Chainlink network Blockchain technology and smart contracts will be able to reach a whole new level of use through the oracle. Due to the Chainlink system, based on Ethereum, people can use distributed registry technology in almost every area of life. The Chainlink platform has entered into a partnership with the society of global interbank financial communication channels SWIFT, which includes more than 11 thousand of the largest banks in the world. LINK Token The operators of the oracle nodes receive a reward for their work in the form of the Chainlink internal currency, the LINK token. The creators of this blockchain technology assure the LINK rate is directly dependent on the number of node operators. In simple words, the more people use Chainlink services (the more transactions), the more the internal LINK currency costs. Some experts criticize the Chainlink system, as they believe that the blockchain network does not need its own cryptocurrency and the creators could do with any other token. But Chainlink developers claim that the LINK digital currency will fully show its potential after the full-scale launch of the main blockchain network. LINK statistics on the Neironix platform You can always find the current LINK cryptocurrency prices on the Neironix.io website. All information on the Neironix platform is conveniently structured and presented in charts. Warning! The Neironix platform disclaims any responsibility for your possible financial losses due to the use of this information. Neironix specialists do not give any financial advice, but only provide up-to-date information on cryptocurrency projects.

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Chainlink is a niche token so to speak, its operability and case use is in its infancy but ghe overall aim of the project in a nutshell is to provide the user with minimal ease the use of smart contracts across multiple blockchains, basically because the tech is so new, one major problem thats already reared its ugly head is the ability to have various blockains talk to each other and operate smoothly atop of other different chains which consist of different coding, scalability and consensus, therefore making a users Experience seem effortless and simple without having to worry about crosschain operability
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