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Cryptocurrency NEM (XEM) was born in 2015 thanks to one enthusiast from Asia. Nem was conceived as a universal solution for use in all areas of the economy.
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8 999 999 999 XEM
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8 999 999 999 XEM
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0.00000254 BTC
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NEM (XEM) today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . XEM price is 0.4857% up in the last 24 hours. Lowest cost XEM is recorded on the crypto exchange Kucoin. Leader in trading volume XEM is the exchange OKEX. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is
Sobre NEM (XEM)

Cryptocurrency NEM (XEM) was born in 2015 thanks to one enthusiast from Asia. Nem was conceived as a universal solution for use in all areas of the economy. For this, the NEM project is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Wallets, and even mining programs, are available on the official website for all platforms. Other benefits include the fast NEM blockchain, which allows you to process 4,000 transactions at the same time. And also a record speed of creating a new block - 60 seconds. The project also has good security. The chain of blocks constantly checks itself, which should not allow unnecessary transactions or changes in the blockchain.

The cryptocurrency mining algorithm (POE) works with three parameters:

1) the number of tokens the user has;

2) account age;

3) the number of transactions performed by the user.

Note that XEM tokens have already been issued in full. Therefore, coin mining cannot be called mining. Since those who want to get coins simply need to maintain calculations on the network by installing special software and placing 10,000 XEM on their wallet. As for the NEM exchange rate, the price started from 5 cents per coin and reached 1 USD. The smooth change in the NEM exchange rate is explained by investors interest. Even a Japanese bank was interested in the work of the project, which led to successful cooperation.

NEM cryptocurrency for investors looks very attractive. Indeed, the growing demand for it is explained solely by technologically successful solutions of the developers. Therefore, experts safely recommend it for long-term investments.

Trading news, access to cryptocurrency exchanges and the change in the NEM exchange rate for Neironix.

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Являюсь серьезным держателем данной криптовалюты с середины года. На мой взгляд очень перспективный проект с технологией, которая помимо того, что включает в себя технологию почти всех криптовалют из топ 10, так и имеет то, что у топ 10 отсутствует. На взгляд сообщества это очень недооцененный проект.
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