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Zcash is the first truly anonymous cryptocurrency from Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, which has surpassed its competitors and is still one of the leaders in the issue of anonymous transactions.
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ZCash (ZEC) today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . ZEC price is -2.88906% down in the last 24 hours. Lowest cost ZEC is recorded on the crypto exchange Bithumb Global. Leader in trading volume ZEC is the exchange OKEX. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is
Sobre ZCash (ZEC)

Zcash is the first truly anonymous cryptocurrency from Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, which has surpassed its competitors and is still one of the leaders in the issue of anonymous transactions. Despite the fact that work on Zikesh began in 2014, the official release was only 2 years later. The project appeared as a further development of Zerocoin, another anonymous cryptocurrency on the Zerocash protocol.

The Zerocash protocol called zc-SNARK works on Zero-knowledge proof. Network participants can send Zсash cryptocurrency among themselves, but the details of addresses, amounts and participants will remain closed. Consensus in the Zikesh blockchain is due to the generation of random digital sequences and mathematical formulas. That is, you can see that the transaction was, but apart from this, no information is available.

For payment, you need to enter into the system one of two unique scripts - closed or open. When using open, other users will see information that a transaction has occurred. A private script involves keeping this a secret. The Zcash blockchain does not save any transaction data. It periodically resets, removing this information from the network.

The value of the coin has changed very much. At the time of the sale of tokens, the Zcash Foundation refused to conduct an ICO, so Zcash cryptocurrency at the start reached several hundred dollars for 1 ZEC. After a wave of hype, the price dropped significantly to $ 20 per coin. In the spring of 2017, due to rumors about the appearance of a token on Bithumb, interest in it increased significantly, as did the ZEC rate. The Zcash coin was trading at almost $ 400, but after the news that the release on Bithumb was just a rumor, the price fell more than 2 times.

Nevertheless, after some time, Zcash appeared in the listing of the exchange. But all the time the ZEC course was very unstable, and this is associated with artificial manipulation with the help of news. According to supporters of this theory, developers give out information specifically in order to change course. But this is just speculation, and the actual prerequisites for growth are financing from many well-known investors, which significantly strengthens Zcash cryptocurrency, whose capitalization has exceeded $ 1,000,000,000.

Today, Zcash cryptocurrency is presented on many popular crypto exchanges, including Kraken, EXMO, HitBtc, Bittrex, Yobit, Poloniex, Bithumb Binance. To store the coin, you can use official Zcash wallets, or any alternative, among which there are both free and paid hardware wallets.

Mining Zcash coins is not very different from mining BTC, it only happens faster. Instead of 10 minutes of Bitcoin, it takes only 2.5 minutes to open a block on the Zcash network. Unlike most coins, now mining Zcash is much easier than at the beginning. This is more likely due to the fact that the developers have improved the project. Now the ZEC coin can be mined on a regular computer, and if its power is not enough, then on any of the mining pools.

Analysts predict a good future for Zcash and strong growth in demand and prices. After all, we can say that Zcash is the first coin for anonymous transactions, which has such a high cost. And despite this, demand is still growing. Seeing this, with confidence it can be argued that the community still needs anonymous coins, even understanding their ambiguity. Read more about Zcash at Neironix.io

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Is it worth it to mine anonymous cryptocurrencies now, does anyone mine Zcash or something like that?
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