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Creating a key coin for Soccer World
Categoria: Esportes
Fundado: 01/01/2017
País: Malta
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Team members Ronaldinho, Founder "While in Barcelona, he led the team to winning the Spain league twice and the UEFA championship for the first time in 14 years. He also received FIFA player of the year world two years in the row in 2004 and 2005 as well as the Ballon d’Or in 2005. He is only the 8th person who became a champion both in Europe and South America. While in the Brazilian national team, he contributed to winning the world cup in 2002. He also won the bronze medal in the Beijing Olympic where he participated as an over-age player." Ward Saito, CEO of WSC "Japanese American born in Hawaii. Currently developing tourism and real estate businesses in Japan and the United States. With his rich experience in global business, he leads the RSC project in Europe, the United States and Asia." Aaron Mulder, In charge of Betting "Entrepreneur in Holland and pioneer in the field of online marketing. Presently CEO in an online marketing, project management and networking company in Holland. Rich experience in the creation, organisation and promotion of online casino games, gaming and webportal platforms overseas and so on." Dima Zaitsev, Marketing "Head of International PR and Chief of Business Analytics Department at ICOBox; columnist at FXStreet.com, CoinSpeaker.com and other Media Outlets in the U.S. Having PhD in Economics, serves as Academic Advisor for various scientific publications. PR Advisor working with 30+ successful ICOs to date (ICOBox consumers mostly)." MOON INSHIC, Strategy Supervising Advisor KBIPA(Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association) Chairman of international cooperation committee Director of PRO Japan Asia Business leader of BaaSid Advisor of Aston CEO of K orea Network Technology (IDC) Director of BUGS Music (KOSDAQ) Online Game Producer of Playwith (YNK Korea) (KOSDAQ) Riaz Paul, INn charge of Middle East Marketing "CEO and president of ZAIRINUK HOLDINGS,INC, CEO and Chairman of S&P PROJECTS,LLC and president of PAULZ Corporation. Vast business experience as a Middle East adviser and a consultant. Belonged to a financial group at ZAINGROUP, GULF PETROLEUM for more than 10 years and has a connection with Mideast royalty and a private investor." Alexey Burdyko, In charge of e-sports "Play2Live CEO & Founder •Created from scratch the largest eSports tournament operator in Russia and CIS - Game Show company - industry pioneer, 30 offline/online events - сompany valuation is $36.8М, 7 year revenue is >$15М - net profit of ~$1M in 2014 • Achieved the Hard Cap $30M during Play2Live ICO" Kenichiro Kira, In charge of digital stadium "President of JFC, Inc. JFC, Inc oper ates futsal fields through the br and, FUTSAL POINT. It is the biggest futsal field operating company in Japan. They also provide a consulting service for facility development and artificial grass acquisition." Sergey Zarubin, In charge of Asia sales "ICO Box Responsible for Asia region. Diplomat, business consultant,CEO and serial entrepreneur with experience in Leo Burnett,Mitsubishi, Nippon Steel and hitech startups. Business opportunitiescreator." Jun Otaka, In charge of security support "Chairman of PRO CEO of Crypto Lab Japan Leader of BaaSid Advisor of Aston Group In charge of Network design at NTT HITACHI Nuclear Power, MITSUBISHI Nuclear Power, TOSHIBA Nuclear Power Plant Design Development of 3D-CAD System for Tokyo Gas application drawing." Satoshi Kazami, In charge of smile projects "Alegria Sport International Co., CEO Centro De Futsal School, School Master Management of Ronaldinho in Japan and all over Asia. In Ronaldinho Gaucho Institute (Foundation), Inheriting will of Ronaldinho, gave support to the victim of Tohoku Earthquake and provide communication program called ""Amibo"" using soccer balls to Children." Advisors Andrei Terentiev "Co-founder and blockchain engineer at O3 Labs. Graduated from Stanford University studying computer science. Worked with multiple startups before launching O3, the mobile wallet and application for the NEO blockchain. Lot of experience working with the NEO blockchain doing workshops in South-Korea, Taiwan, Japan and the U.S. Also contributing to NEO as a City of Zion member." Apisit Toompakdee "Co-founder and blockchain engineer at O3 Labs. Blockchain engineer and technical advisor for RSC. Computer science graduate, worked with multiple startups in the U.S. and Asia before launching O3, the best mobile wallet and application for the NEO blockchain. Lot of experience working with the NEO blockchain doing workshops in Taiwan, Japan and the U.S. Also contributing to NEO as a City of Zion member." Arco Oliemans "Business Development Manager at O3 Labs. Experienced in doing sales and marketing working with big importers, retailers and producers from all around the world. Thorough understanding of the NEO blockchain and how blockchain technology can be applied in businesses." Alex Knight "UX Designer/Researcher at O3 Labs. Designer, researcher, and professional photographer. Has worked at multiple fintech companies and major banking corporations around the world, helping design user centered experiences on various platforms." Nick Fujita "Senior Blockchain Engineer at O3 Labs. Previous consulted with Accenture for large scale enterprise solutions, developed consumer applications with Crunchyroll, and is currently serving as an advisor to several NEO projects. Also contributing to NEO as a City of Zion member."
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