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Категория: Банковские, Розничная торговля, Блокчейн
Основано: 5 мар. 2018 г.
Страна: United States
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План - Bytus

The people behind a crypto revolution
Global Digital Payment announces its Bytus project team which will be lead by Altug Tatlisu and Serdar Nurdogan while other key players will include [names of people].
Preparations for Bytus token ICO near completion
The Bytus token is almost complete and we are very near to an ICO that is going to bring peace to the financial turmoil in the world.
Bytus begins development of the mobile wallet
The Bytus mobile wallet through which users will be able to make transactions goes into first stage of its development. It will be officially made available to the people in 5 months.
Global Digital Payment starts its cryptobank development
Global Digital Payment's Bytus project has set the foundations for its cryptobank. The cryptobank will facilitate the acceptance of Bytus token as a mode of payment and the conversion of crypto into fiat.
Bytus launches its private blockchain network
After months of waiting Bytus has launched the alpha version of its private blockchain network. Their aim of revolutionizing the world of payments in crypto has become even more clear.
Bytus publishes first whitepaper
The first concrete information regarding the architecture and other product details published by Global Digital Payment has gone online and a lot of speculation has been put to an end.
Bytus starts development of its blockchain network
The blueprint of the bytus private blockchain is ready and the development of the network is well underway.
Testing on the private blockchain network begins
The Bytus private blockchain network starts its first beta tests. Developers are trying to figure out loopholes and bugs in the network before they finally launch it.
Bytus token's pre-ITO
The second round of the Bytus token's ITO cycle takes place. The company aimed to sell 10 million tokens and reached its hard cap.
Bytus mobile wallet goes live
The alpha version testing of the bytus mobile wallet has been succesful and is conducted 15 days before its proposed deadline. Looks like Global Digital Payment is already living up to its promises.
The Bytus token goes up for 3rd round ITO
The Bytus 3rd round ITO becomes a massive success as the company reaches hard cap after pulling on sale 35 million tokens.
Bytus' cryptobank will sell the Bytus token
The Bytus cryptobank will be selling the Bytus tokens after it goes live. The post ITO sale is expected to increase interest in the Bytus network.
The Cryptobank is now operational
Bytus has officially announced that the cryptobank is now operational and running on beta. The bank is expected to facilitate the growth of the network even further.
Beta version of the network is now available
The beta version of the Bytus mobile network went live on the 15th of October and has attracted great attention from investors and users alike.
Bytus mobile applications go beta
The beta version of the Bytus mobile applications have been made available to users worldwide. The apps have already attracted a vast number of users and Bytus is on the right track.
Bytus has set its mark on crypto-based transactions
Bytus has been successfull in their objective to facilitate payments in cryptocurrency. People have benefitted from the network and Bytus' continuous improvements have only added to people's increasing trust in the technology.
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