Предлагает инвесторам возможность воспользоваться преимуществами крупномасштабной операции по добыче без необходимости покупать, конфигурировать и поддерживать дорогостоящее горное оборудование.
Категория: Криптовалюта, Инвестиции, Блокчейн
Основано: 1 апр. 2018 г.
Страна: United Kingdom
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Информация о ICO/IEO

Платформа Ethereum
Принимают к оплате ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, Fiat, POLY
Дата начала 15 февр. 2019 г.
Дата окончания 30 мар. 2019 г.
Стоимость токена 1 MBTX =
Выпущенные токены 1 655 150
Нижний предел
Верхний предел
Минимальная сумма 20 000 MBTX
Токен MBTX - 0.1500000000$
15.02.2019 30.03.2019
Индекс Neironix
Эта оценка влияет на успешность ICO в смысле возврата инвестору его фондов. Показывает риск и потенциал для инвестора.
Высокий риск Низкий риск
Динамика изменения риска
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Main - распределение токенов
MBTX tokens will be distributed upon purchase via the smart contract or within 12 hours if other payment methods are used
Main - использование фондов
Funds raised during the pre-sale will be used to commence the build of the first MinedBlock Mining Facility. The chart below details how the funds will be broken down regardless of the amount raised. The greater number of tokens that we can pre-sell the bigger the initial Mining Centre will be and therefore the greater the availability of hash rate for customer use. The majority of the initial investment spend will be dedicated to mining hardware for: • Bitcoin • Bitcoin Cash • Litecoin* • Dash* • Ethereum • GPU Miners – Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Callisto * Low mining profitability at this time so we may put Litecoin and Dash on hold until the conditions are more favourable 10% of revenue per month will be used to expand the mining operation. MinedBlock will consider several factors when deciding how to expand the offering, including but not limited to: • Profitability • Customer voting • New coin release • Running ‘Masternodes’ may be considered Masternodes – Running a masternode involves running a full node on a blockchain with a minimum number of coins held in return for a reward or interest payment through transaction fees. Dash is a good example of this.
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I participated in MinedBlock airdrop-bounty. I have received 900 tokens as a reward. Now at their telegram group, they announced token swap. They ask KYC to receive swapped tokens but to complete KYC I need to pay 2 USD which I have never heard. Because of this, I believe that it may be a SCAM project. BE CAREFUL, if you are gonna invest in this project.
[In reply to Mehmet /] Hi Mehmet, I appreciate your feedback, both here and on every one of our medium posts. We have clearly communicated the history of transitioning from an ICO to an STO and fully explained the reasons for charging $2 for the KYC check but I can assure you that we are not a scam project. We honoured the airdrop after the change to an STO even though the logical thing would have been to apologise thoroughly and forget about the airdrop. If you would like to swap to the compliant security token then KYC is a regulatory requirement, if not then that is entirely your choice.
I was never against KYC. I understand that KYC can be necessary. I was against 2 USD you have asked to complete KYC. I have seen almost a hundred swap process. No one asked money for swap and KYC. So I think that this project is either scam or wanted to collect some money through this process. And as I told at telegram channel you can have my 900 tokens. I will not pay 2 USD although it is not that much money for me. I hope investors of this project may earn some money but I have a doubt. Anyway. Good luck with your project.
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Bitcoin SV
Binance Coin
Bitfinex LEO Token
(-0.80%) Chain
Ethereum Classic
Huobi Token
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