Tezos was positioned as a global platform for the creation of other decentralized projects first. Note, Tezos system developers created everything from scratch as they did not want to rely on the experience of existing coins.
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Tezos (XTZ) today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . XTZ price is 3.31035% up in the last 24 hours. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is
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The digital coin Tezos XTZ has a rather scandalous past and contradictions every step of the way. To begin with, the idea of creating a Tezos was first expressed back in 2011, but in fact, the first coins appeared only after a few years. Tezos was positioned as a global platform for the creation of other decentralized projects first. Note, Tezos system developers created everything from scratch as they did not want to rely on the experience of existing coins. True, the ntezos concept is very similar to the brainchild of Vitalik Buterin - Ethereum. These two projects still have fundamental differences. History of Tezos Originally, Tezos XTZ developers wanted to create a new generation unique platform. The main goal of the tezos creators was to popularize blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry altogether. The initial placement of XTZ coins was carried out twice: in the first round of the ICO, the creators managed to raise 18 million US dollars. At that time, ntezos was at the first stage of formation. But in the second round, the creators of the project were able to attract more than $200 million in just a couple of weeks. Under the contract, investors could not withdraw funds from the tezos wallet for another four months after the end of the ICO. The developers claimed they use this time to finish the development of the platform. But time passed, but the working product did not appear and it was impossible to withdraw XTZ from the tezos wallet. Investors have fallen into the trap. The creators of the project created a tezos fund, based in Switzerland over time. This was a fairly logical step to resolve the situation. The board of the company had full access to funds, which caused a huge number of lawsuits from investors. The tezos fund manager quickly closed the project founders' access to funds, and they filed a counter-sue. And after years of struggle, they regained control of the finances and developments of their company. Features of the Tezos platform XTZ token is the means of payment within the network. All Tezos cryptocurrency owners can participate in the development process through a guarantee deposit. This is called baking in the Tezos system. Besides, tezos supports the following features: - The source code of the project is written in the Ocaml programming language, which is quite rare and complicates the development process. - The developers decided not to borrow a virtual machine from Ethereum, but to develop their own unique Michelson algorithm. - Tezos supports layer-by-layer protocol updates. - Tezos platform supports the PoS consensus protocol. Tezos statistics on the Neironix platform The Neironix.io website provides all the most important information on the Tezos. The Neironix platform shows not only the current rate of this coin but also quotes on popular exchanges. You can see how Tezos price changes per day, week, month, year, or for the entire time on the Neironix.io website. All information is structured, located in one place and convenient to read. Attention! The Neironix platform disclaims responsibility for your possible financial losses incurred due to the use of this information. Neironix specialists don’t give any financial advice, but only provide up-to-date information on cryptocurrency projects.

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