The creators of this project have grand plans: the roadmap TRON says that each user will be able to earn on content, play online games, and raise funds for the development of their own projects through their platform in the future.
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Tron (TRX) today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . TRX price is -2.65445% down in the last 24 hours. Lowest cost TRX is recorded on the crypto exchange KRAKEN. Leader in trading volume TRX is the exchange Binance. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is
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Many people showed interest in creating decentralized entertainment platforms and social networks long before the Bitcoin appeared. The fact is that due to such platforms the content can be regulated by the entire community, not by one company, and this will simplify life for many content makers.

The creation of a large decentralized entertainment platform requires high network bandwidth. As you know, this is the “Achilles heel” of blockchain technology, for example, the original Bitcoin network can provide no more than 7 transactions per second. The news about the creation of a decentralized entertainment platform quickly spread in the cryptocurrency community - TRON in 2017. The creators of this project have grand plans: the roadmap TRON says that each user will be able to earn on content, play online games, and raise funds for the development of their own projects through their platform in the future.

The TRON network can handle about 2000 operations per second. The platform is based on distributed network technology, as well as smart contracts. Thanks to this, each participant in the system will be able to take an active part in the system. The TRON will consist of:

  • convenient payment system;
  • social network;
  • crowdfunding platform.

Developers believe that TRON will grow into the largest decentralized operating system in the future. Although the platform is still under development, more than 3.4 million people are already using it. The service allows super-fast and anonymous transfers of digital coins already at this stage of development. TRON attracts new investors due to its huge potential, this is one of the few coins that can show significant growth in the future. This will happen if TRON becomes a global platform.

The TRX token works inside the TRON blockchain, it is traded on a huge number of cryptocurrency exchanges and has quite high liquidity. 40 billion TRX tokens were created during the ICO, the total issue will be 100 billion coins. Currently, the TRON takes 11th place in the global ranking of cryptocurrencies with a total capitalization of $1.1 billion.

A distinctive feature of the ICO TRON was its detailed 10-year roadmap. Such a serious and long-term approach pleasantly surprised investors. The creators divided the development of the project into six stages:

  1. Exodus (August 2017 - December 2018) - the official launch of a free platform for the distribution of coins and the first steps towards creating a decentralized social network.
  2. Odyssey (January 2019 - June 2020) - the introduction of user rewards for posting content.
  3. Great Voyage (July 2020 - July 2021) - work on a crowdfunding platform.
  4. Apollo (August 2021 - March 2023) - introducing the possibility of carrying an ICO on the platform, attracting new investors and developers.  
  5. Star Trek (April 2023 - September 2025) - active work on the creation of a gaming platform.
  6. Eternity (September 2025 - September 2027) - the final chapter of the roadmap, which provides the latest improvements and the full launch of the final version of TRON.

TRON statistics on the Neironix platform

The Neironix.io website provides detailed information about the TRON coin: its current rate, price changes for any period of time since the ICO, stock quotes, and the latest news.






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https://www.tradingview.com/x/RjcpPkjd/ Сейчас заканчивается третья белая волна на 4 часах, она делится на 5 миниволн синего цвета на часовике. Идет пятая синяя волна, после коррекция, вход после отскока от прямоугольника четвёртой белой волны.
Монетка trx очень перспективная рекомендую кошелек TronWalletRU для ее хранения.
Джастин Сан предрекает возврат Tron в Топ-10 к концу 2019, посмотрим сбудутся ли его предсказания :)
Трон потихоньку прибавляет, беги тронушка, беги)
TRON began to slide to the bottom together with EOS. I thought that Justin San will be able to promote the project well, but so far they have some problems
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