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End 12.06.2021
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About Neironix

Each of us can be a source and distributor of information, its generator and consumer in one person. And the only function of the new Media should be only to provide access to this flow of information: without censoring, altering, falsifying, interpreting, packaging, and special presentation. Exactly as it is, in its original form to give the consumer content and be just a meeting place for “publisher” and “reader”. At the same time, the main task of the new generation Media should be to filter the quality and reliability of the content, and not to form a point of view among the audience.

And for this we are pivoting NEIRONIX 2.0 - a new decentralized platform for aggregation and dissemination of information in the world of financial technologies, which will be based on an honest and transparent blockchain protocol.

The company was founded in 2017, and despite a difficult time for the entire crypto market, for several years it entered the TOP-3 among information portals in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. But technologies do not stand still, and Neironix is moving in step with the times: the platform is transforming into the world`s 1st completely decentralized media, where Contributors will publish content and sell ADS, and all other holders of the new token will be able to earn cryptocurrencies for viewing and interacting with content.

Proje architecture

The NEIRONIX 2.0 business model will be in the form of a decentralized advertising platform with PPA (Pay per Attention) payment. The new ideology of the updated project is “Our readers = our partners”. That is why it was decided to issue a new NAT token (TRON blockchain) the ownership of which gives users business roles within the Neironix ecosystem and allows them to earn cryptocurrency.

Neironix 2.0 is a completely new architecture “bitcoin faucet” that connects millions of users who will read news and publications for a reward allocated by the advertiser.

Neironix new idea:

Involve the community in the development of the project, so that each member feels responsible for the success of the project and receives rewards for it!

Our vision of the next generation media is a decentralized community of like-minded people who exchange content and are interested in the success of each other and the project!

Key token facts

The NAT utility token (Tron blockchain) will become the main element of the new economy of the NEIRONIX 2.0 platform. NAT will be used to confirm status in the Neironix 2.0 decentralized media, for trading on exchanges and for further development of the project, due to the growth in the cost and capitalization of NAT.

The token will fuel all future platform products that aim to receive and provide volumes of information about finance, markets, and trading in the world of cryptocurrencies. Wallets, trading robots, APIs for exchanges, indicators, and individual, custom investment portfolios that will appear in the future - all of them will work through a NAT token, which will provide access to tools and exchange information within the ecosystem!

The value of the NAT token is provided by the following factors:

  • The principle of staking ensures long-term storage of coins in the wallets of investors, preventing market speculation;
  • The burning of unrealized tokens during the crowdfunding is important for the growth of the asset price, by reducing the number of coins in circulation with increasing demand.

Each owner of 50,000 or more NAT tokens will be able to PoS-mine coins. For this, you need to block tokens on your wallets.

Interest is accrued on the amount of the deposit blocked on the user`s wallet. New tokens are mined only if the holder`s wallet has at least 50,000 NAT tokens. As soon as the balance becomes less than 50,000 tokens, the mining of tokens for this holder stops.

The speed of mining new coins will increase every year:

First year
4,293,220 NAT will be mined
per month
Year 2
7,281,051 NAT will be mined
per month
Year 3
11,534,243 NAT will be mined
per month
Year 4
17 891486 NAT will be mined
per month
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Token distribution

The growth mechanism for the NAT token lies in the practical use of the token on the new platform. All scenarios for partnerships with the Neironix portal require the ownership of a certain number of NAT tokens, which will be required to confirm the stake and status in the project. Both contributors and business partners who participate in attention mining confirm their status only with NAT tokens.

  • 6,000,000 tokens
    Swap NRX (ERC 20) on NAT (TRC 20)
  • 4,000,000 tokens
    Pool of the Neironix development team
  • 9,000,000 tokens
  • 41,000,000 tokens
    Reward for staking tokens over 4 years
60 000 000

How To buy?

Sale participants may choose to purchase NAT tokens under the three different options below. Options may be combined. To register for the sale, please click on the options you would like to participate in and follow the registration and KYC flows below.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Sale Dates
02.12 - 06.12
02.12 - 06.12
02.12 - 06.12
Purchase Limits
$500 to $2.999
$3.000 to $9.999
$10.000 and more
Num of Tokens
1000 to 5998
12 000 to 39 996
66.666 and more
Price per Token

Listing on exchanges

The listing of the NAT token on cryptocurrency exchanges will take place one month after the start of the campaign at a starting price of 1 NAT = $ 0.5. JustSwap and BIKI will be among the first exchanges to open for NAT trading.

All tokens not sold within 3 months of the crowdsale will be burned!

More tokens!

Create a TRON wallet by March 12, so that buying NAT tokens in the amount of 3,000 to 10,000 USDT will bring you a 100% bonus of investment in tokens!

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Step 2/4. Enter your Tron wallet

Enter your personal Tron wallet
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If you don't have a wallet, download a wallet
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