How do we use cryptocurrency in real life now?

How does it work?
Even despite the fact that cryptocurrency has already entered our lives confidently, the question of options for its use by ordinary people in the real world still remains relevant. After a burst of popularity in 2017, the relevance of digital assets declined significantly.
Why did it happen? All the answers are obvious:
Quick appearance

The real economy wasn't ready for such a rapid growth of a completely new phenomenon for the former world order. It resulted in a lack of instant support from financial institutions, states, and people who provided most of the services

Misunderstanding the benefits

Despite the large amount of hype, the majority of people lacked a clear understanding of the cryptocurrency use in real life. As a result, people simply didn't find any real benefits of a technological breakthrough for themselves

Unregulated by law

Laws didn't regulate financial interaction. A huge number of frauds, who were acting scot-free, broke into the market

Cryptocurrency remained the preserve of professional investors. Even now, two years later, these problems still stop digital currencies from spreading in real life.
Purchasing cryptocurrency
by an average person
Create a wallet
Find a reliable exchanger with a good exchange rate for the necessary currency pairs
Purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin for Fiat money with the help of an exchanger or from another person
Register on the exchange
Transfer purchased coins to the exchange
Done! You are wonderful.
Honestly, the process is not the easiest, and it still doesn't really fit into a modern person's life model, where each of us aims to maximize the time and effort saving for routine tasks. Moreover, such an algorithm obviously loses the convenience of Fiat operations familiar to all of us.
Just imagine
Just imagine, that you can easily convert cryptocurrency into rubles or dollars and pay for your purchases in a store as easily as in a mobile application. At the same time, businessmen, shopping centers and even a supermarket in a small village will be able to accept cryptocurrency legally. And now imagine, that this isn't for the distant future, but it's already available today. A single digital currency for all countries of the whole world, which is automatically converted into the Fiat currency you need at the time of purchase, and at the most favorable rate.
Now imagine, that this is no longer necessary. Skeptics may say, that we are still far away from this, however, the Tkeycoin team gives us the understanding that it won't be long now.
What is the Tkeycoin team?
It's an international IT company that specializes in developing innovative financial solutions for businesses, the banking sector and civil society in general.
The flagship product of the Tkeycoin platform is a unique platform that operates on the basis of its own blockchain and is designed to provide accessible and understandable to everyone digital transactions. Of course, such a task requires a comprehensive and streamlined solution, and Tkeycoin also took good care of it.
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
The Tkeycoin network has a number of significant advantages, despite of its similarities with Bitcoin. First and foremost, Tkeycoin optimized the mining process. This optimized process allows you to earn TKEY coins on an ordinary stationary computer effectively. You don't need a farm of 12 hectares and a garage of expensive equipment to earn on mining.
In this case, you can pay in stores with money that you extract 'out of thin air'. And, perhaps, even this advantage is enough to understand why this cryptocurrency should exist. In addition, such a system provides maximum reliability, because the more nodes are involved in mining, the bigger decentralization becomes.
Multicurrency wallet and NFC
Obviously, you don't want to think about the way it works, when you decide to go to the shop to buy some bread at night. The Tkeycoin took care of this.
You can keep BTC, ETH, LTC and TKEY on one wallet, and when you decide to pay, the operation will be instant and completely unnoticed by you. The NFC chip, in turn, will help to purchase on the phone with the terminal, just like with a regular card linked to Apple Pay, for example.
The application is already available for download on Mac, Windows and Linux. Release is planned for IOS, Android, as well as the web version in the nearest future. Moreover, the function of purchasing using the NFC system will appear in applications in July of this year.
Business acquiring
The platform is designed not only for buyers, but also for service companies. The Tkeycoin Payments system will provide all legal people with the opportunity to integrate a payment system into their Internet resource, which will allow you to handle quickly and safely the operations in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Tkeycoin and Ethereum.
Simple and fast payment through Internet acquiring in a few clicks will unite the business and its customers from all the corners of the world.
Financial Organization Solutions
Tkeycoin's development is focused on practical experience improving in all areas of cryptoeconomics. The team developed specialized software for large financial organizations, such as banks and payment systems.
The Tkeycoin software allows you to conduct large transactions at once and, at the same time, save a great amount of money at low commissions. The saving in the implementation of cross-border transfers is especially noticeable. Moreover, the system will get a 'side effect' - thanks to the blockchain realization, proving the operation is no longer a problem.
+ Quick transfers
+ Proof and transparency of operations
+ Low commissions from partners' gateway.
Tkeycoin Block Browser
Payment transparency will be provided by the block browser developed by the Tkeycoin team. With the help of this, users will be able to check the status of their payments and search for a specific transaction among millions of others easily. Despite of the other similar services existence, they still lack a criterion that is very important for cryptocurrency popularizing - the convenience and clarity of the interface for ordinary users. The Tkeycoin team focused on this.
With the help of the Tkeycoin block browser, you can find necessary data on the block, transaction or smart contract at any time. And the most important thing is that you will understand exactly the way it works.
Tkeycoin Crypto Exchange
And, finally, the exchange will become the cornerstone of the automatic currency conversion and crypto payments system. Much more magic will happen here. The exchange will unite not only the entire Tkeycoin ecosystem, but also traders from all over the world, providing them with a fast and secure exchange, using a convenient and fully understandable interface.
Can you get anything for free?
The Tkeycoin holds the last and final 500,000 TCD drawing, which has started on April, 28 and will go on until May, 20.
It involves the first 4,000 transactions. Every $200 spent on the purchase of TCD gives you one top place. You are guaranteed to get 125 TCD for each top place.
One user can make no more than 25 transactions, and the maximum amount of the purchase shouldn’t be over $30,000. The maximum number of top places per user is 150. The conditions of the action are listed on the company's website more detailed.
All awards will be sent to the wallets indicated by you in the website form.
Hurry up to buy Tkeycoin and take part in the drawing.
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